A Tribute to Our Veterans-Normandy Beach France

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A Tribute to Our Veterans:

A Tribute to O ur Veterans Photos of our visit to Normandy Beach – France --Kevin & Susie Egan October 2011

Slide 2:

A German bunker on Normandy Beach

Slide 3:

Pot holes left from US bombing on Normandy Beach

Slide 4:

Above Normandy Beach as it looks now

Slide 5:

Normandy Beach as it looks now

Slide 6:

The cliffs the U.S. soldiers climbed.

Slide 7:

The American Cemetery at Normandy Beach.

Slide 8:

9,387 Americans are buried there whom lost their lives in the D-Day landings and ensuing operations.

Slide 9:

An unusual event: A dozen Normandy Beach surviving heroes return to visit the D-Day Beaches while we were visiting the American cemetery.

Slide 10:

A very emotional thank you for their service to our country.

Slide 11:

Living legends; talking to real heroes.

Slide 12:

D-Day Vets review that day with their families.

Slide 13:

They take the emotional walk back down to the D-Day beaches.

Slide 14:

w ith their families in hand.

Slide 15:

How can we thank them and their families enough for all they have given?

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