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Mexicans wear sombreros and take long siestas on their hammocks all day. Any one of darker color must be here undocumented. Spanish is an illogical language.

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All Hispanics are landscapers. Family and hard work are important values upheld by the Spanish speaking world. Spanish speakers prefer the word Hispanic as opposed to their country of origin.

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All Spanish speakers are Catholic Maria is the preferred name. All Spanish speakers are baby factories.

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All of the women must look like Jennifer Lopez or Sophia from Modern Family. They all sell drugs and are part of gangs. The Hub http://nycgrl.hubpages.com/hub/Debunking-Hispanic-Stereotypes

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Any others?

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What is a stereotype and how are they developed?

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www.mujerlatinatoday Lorena’s mission is to show the face of the Hispanic community and debunk these stereotypes. She wants others to see that they are diverse people who have success and struggle just like anyone else.

History of Spanish speaking immigrants in Cincinnati:

History of Spanish speaking immigrants in Cincinnati http://cincinnati-cityofimmigrants.com/cci/index.html

Can you think of any famous Hispanics?:

Can you think of any famous Hispanics? Jennifer Lopez-actress/singer Aroldis Chapman-Cincinnati Red’s Sotomayor-Supreme Court Justice

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