Systematic Investment Plan


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Check out the systematic investment plan of Reliance Mutual and get better returns in short time period.


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Systematic Investment Plan:

Systematic Investment Plan SIP is a scheme of investing a fixed sum regularly in a mutual fund. SIP allows an investor to buy units regularly on a specific date of the month.

Benefits of SIP:

Benefits of SIP Reduces risk because Rupee Cost Averaging SIP can be started with very small amount of money Long term financial goal can be aligned with SIP

Rupee Cost Averaging :

Rupee Cost Averaging In Rupee Cost Averaging, you need to invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals.

Reliance SIP Plans:

Reliance SIP Plans You can invest in any of the SIP (Systematic Investment Plans ) There are number of SIP Plans available on the official website of Reliance Mutual. For more details please visit

Demonstration of Rupee Cost Averaging:

Demonstration of Rupee Cost Averaging Suppose Mr. X was willing to invest 5000/month in a mutual fund and he started by investing Rs 71 in first month. However, with time the market dropped down to Rs 60 in twelve month . This is where the advantage of Rupee Cost Averaging comes into play. Lower the market price is; more number of units Mr. X gets.

Demonstration of Rupee Cost Averaging:

Demonstration of Rupee Cost Averaging Month NAV Amount Units Total Units 1 71 5000 70.42 70.42 2 70 5000 71.43 141.85 3 68 5000 73.53 215.38 4 63 5000 79.37 294.75 5 59 5000 84.75 379.49 6 67 5000 74.63 454.12 7 66 5000 75.76 529.88 8 65 5000 76.92 606.8 9 58 5000 86.21 693.01 10 60 5000 83.33 776.34 11 66 5000 75.76 852.1 12 60 5000 83.33 935.43

SIP Investment Details:

SIP Investment Details Maximum period of contribution: No upper limits for SIP tenure There are number of modes of payment for SIP installment such as OTM(One Time Mandate), Direct Debit & ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) Investors can also register on Reliance Mutual Fund as auto pay biller into his bank account for regular subscription

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