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The sweetest story ever told… or heard : 

The sweetest story ever told… or heard



History of the company : 

History of the company Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate was first introduced in the early 1905 in UK. Cadbury Dairy Milk is enjoyed in over 30 countries in all over the world. The Cadbury Mega Brand's broad family of products today has an international retail value approaching US $1billion. Cadbury came in India on 1948. Cadbury India's four factories in India churn out close to 8,000 tones of chocolate in every month. The company's chocolates reach over 650,000 retailers directly and indirectly. It today has five company-owned manufacturing facilities at Thane, Induri (Pune) and Malanpur (Gwalior), Bangalore and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and 4 sales offices (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota and Chennai). The corporate office is in Mumbai. Some of the key brands are Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk, Eclairs, flake and etc.

Different products of Cadbury India : 

Different products of Cadbury India

Indian chocolate industry : 

Indian chocolate industry In the early 90's, chocolates were seen as 'meant for kids', usually a reward or a bribe for children. In FMCG market only 10% of total market share hold by the whole chocolate industry. This industry is only depends upon the children and kids. The players like Cadbary, Nestle, Amul and some local players.

BRAND POSITIANING of Cadbary dairy Milk : 

BRAND POSITIANING of Cadbary dairy Milk In Mid 90’s cadbary dairy milk first show that chocolate is not for only kids but also for adult. Immediately they released the very popular ‘Real Taste of Life' campaign, shifting the focus from `just for kids' to the `kid in all of us'.. The company mainly target the young people by showing this romantic advertisement campaign. Company also released various range of dairy milk chocolate in stylist packet. As a result this is affect in whole chocolate industry. Market Share is increases 10% to 28% with in three year.

Cont.. : 

Cont.. Cadbary becomes the market leader. 70% of market share hold by Cadbary alone in chocolate industry till 2002 (Out of which 30% is hold by Dairy milk alone). It makes a new age of sweetness.

“Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate may have poisoned 40 people”, “Times of India June 24, 2002” : 

“Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate may have poisoned 40 people”, “Times of India June 24, 2002”

Controversy : 

Controversy The Guardian reports that Cadbury's chocolate bars tainted with salmonella may have poisoned up to 40 people. Insects found in dairy milk bar. The Food Standards Agency and FDA accused about the quality of the product Unhygienic condition with in factory. As a result the company lose his market share (69% to 53%) and the competitor like Nestlé, Amul and the local players taking this advantage.

What Cadbury Dairy Milk do to regain its brand name again? : 

What Cadbury Dairy Milk do to regain its brand name again?

The measures taken by Cadbury Dairy Milk : 

The measures taken by Cadbury Dairy Milk Company is responsible for this problem and take the necessary action as a pro-active company to win back the trust of consumers. Cadbury Dairy milk improved the packaging and paid more attention to the way its chocolates were stored by nearly 650,000 retailers across the country. In the after-month of the controversy, the company launched Project Vishwas, a retail education Programme under which 190,000 retailers in key states were covered. The Programme entailed generating awareness and providing assistance in improving storage quality.

Cont… : 

Cont… The new double packaging even for the smallest offering, the 13 gm Rs 5 Cadbury Dairy Milk, had the bar wrapped in aluminum foil and enclosed in a poly-flow pack, which was sealed on all sides. Cadbury invested nearly Rs 25 crore (Rs 250 million) 2002-03 on new machinery for the improved packaging. Cadbury also signed up Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador. With the help of its advertising agency O&M, it created a campaign which aimed for both rational and emotional appeal

Result : 

Result the new campaign in place, Cadbury stepped up its advertising spend significantly this year to nearly Rs 40 crore (Rs 400 million). With a turnover of Rs 729 crore (Rs 7.29 billion) in 2003. The company bounced back soon after the campaign hit the screens. Between October 2002 and January 2003, Cadbury's value share melted from 73 per cent in to 69.4 per cent. The recovery began in May 2004 when Cadbury's value share went up to 71 per cent. Last three years with a compound annual growth rate of 12.5 per cent.

Cont.. : 

Cont.. Recently, the 'Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye' campaign associated Cadbury Dairy Milk with celebratory occasions and the phrase "Pappu Pass Ho Gaya" became part of street language help to hold the market share by segmenting this particular Kids, Children as well as Younger people. Despite the bitter moments, the company is hoping that the future will be much sweeter.

Awards and Achievements : 

The prestigious ABBY awards, held in March, recognize creative excellence in the Indian Advertising Industry. The Ultra Perk campaign won four Silver Awards in total and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Campaign, Miss Palampur, also won a Silver Award. This year Cadbury also sponsored the new ‘Young ABBY’ Award. Cadbury dairy milk won the 'Reader's Digest Trusted Brands' Gold Award for the vitamin health supplement category in Indian in 2006. The merit was based on 7000 responses from questionnaires and telephone interviews across Asia. Cadbury dairy milk India received a bronze award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for partnering with a mobile phone operator in 2005 to provide exam results via SMS to school children. Awards and Achievements

Thank you : 

Thank you

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