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In computer programming, Eclipse is a multiple language Integrated development environment comprising a base workspace and an extensible plugin system for customizing the environment. It is written mostly in Java language


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3-Oct-13 Eclipse

About IDEs:

2 About IDEs An IDE is an I ntegrated D evelopment E nvironment Different IDEs meet different needs BlueJ, DrJava are designed as teaching tools Emphasis is on ease of use for beginners Little to learn, so students can concentrate on learning Java Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans are designed as professional-level work tools Emphasis is on supporting professional programmers More to learn, but well worth it in the long run We will use Eclipse, but other professional IDEs are similar The following slides are taken from

Workbench Terminology:

3 Workbench Terminology Tool bar Perspective and Fast View bar Resource Navigator view Stacked views Properties view Tasks view Outline view Bookmarks view Menu bar Message area Editor Status area Text editor

Help Component:

4 Help Component Help is presented in a standard web browser

Java Development Tools:

5 Java Development Tools JDT = Java development tools State of the art Java development environment Built atop Eclipse Platform Implemented as Eclipse plug-ins Using Eclipse Platform APIs and extension points Included in Eclipse Project releases Available as separately installable feature Part of Eclipse SDK drops

Java Perspective:

6 Java Perspective Java-centric view of files in Java projects Java elements meaningful for Java programmers Java project package class field method Java editor

Java Perspective:

7 Java Perspective Browse type hierarchies “Up” hierarchy to supertypes “Down” hierarchy to subtypes Type hierarchy Selected type’s members

Java Perspective:

8 Java Perspective Search for Java elements Declarations or references Including libraries and other projects Hits flagged in margin of editor All search results

Java Editor:

9 Java Editor Hovering over identifier shows Javadoc spec

Java Editor:

10 Java Editor Method completion in Java editor List of plausible methods Doc for method

Java Editor:

11 Java Editor On-the-fly spell check catches errors early Preview Click to see fixes Problem Quick fixes

Java Editor:

12 Java Editor Code templates help with drudgery Statement template Preview

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