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A presentation on : 

A presentation on by Vikash Kumar Mishra IDBI BANK LTD. ? ? ?

Company profile : 

Company profile

Project Title : 

Project Title Study on “The environmental factors responsible for IDBI Bank’s performance (Positively& Negatively).”

Objectives : 

Objectives To know about environmental factors affecting the performance of IDBI Bank To analyze the role of advertisements in the performance of IDBI Bank

Methodology : 

Methodology Primary data: collection Source provided by company Secondary data collection Personal approach - -Through telephonic interview Target size 250 Customer

A Comparative Analysis of IDBI with competitors : 

Banks A Comparative Analysis of IDBI with competitors

Factors affecting performance IDBI Bank : 

Factors affecting performance IDBI Bank

Effectiveness of Advertisements : 

Effectiveness of Advertisements

Customers Response : 

Customers Response N=250

Findings : 

Findings The credibility of IDBI is good in comparison with to its competitors as Government of India is major share holders in the company. IDBI bank has a potential adopted market in saket region and hence has an opportunity for growth. The product of IDBI bank has good credibility in the region compared to its competitors The advertisement of the bank was very effective from the first day of its airing the fifth day and there after it starts declining. The initial balance for A/C opening is 5000/- and that’s why people are reluctant in opening the same.

Limitations : 

Limitations Time constraints. Traveling .

Recommendations : 

Recommendations Since there is only two branch of IDBI bank and only three ATMs in Saket, so it is necessary for IDBI bank to open more branches and install more ATMs to serve the vast market of saket especially. More resources should be allocated in the market of Saket as there is big untapped market in saket, so it becomes necessary for IDBI bank for taking an edge over the competitors. A short advertising campaign in Saket has produced good results in a short span of times, so to gain long term benefits is very necessary for IDBI bank to carry on this campaign with more intensity.

Continue….. : 

Continue….. Besides opening more branches it should also look for opening some extension counter in Kutub near meherauli and one in Khanpur. As Government is the majority share holder in the shares of IDBI bank, which makes this bank more reliable than other private banks, this thing can be used in the favour of IDBI bank by making people aware about this fact and winning their faith.

Conclusion : 


Thank You... : 

Thank You...

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