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Biodiesel & Recycled Cooking Oil


Anybody can make biodiesel from used cooking oil. It’s easy, you can make it in your kitchen and it’s the same quality fuel like diesel the oil companies sell you. Your diesel motor will run better and last longer , and it’s much cleaner. Use Biodiesel for a better environment and for better health. If you make it from used cooking oil it’s not only cheap but you’ll be recycling a troublesome waste product that too often ends up in sewers and landfills instead of being recycled.


Biodiesel from waste cooking oil are less-expensive, renewable, clean-burning fuel. The benefits of biodiesel from waste cooking oil includes biodegrades four times quicker than mineral diesel and Lower emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulates.


Trans esterification is the chemical process that transforms spent oil into Biodiesel. The main source of Biodiesel Production or biodiesel exporters includes renewable resources from natural oil, grease, agricultural co-products and by-products. The use of vegetable oils as diesel fuels is promoted across the globe with different nations looking into different vegetable oils, such as soybean oil in the USA, rapeseed and sunflower oils in Europe, palm oil in Southeast Asia(mainly Malaysia and Indonesia), and coconut oil in Philippines. However, it is widely being proposed that spent vegetable oil is the best source for the production of high quality Biodiesel.


Every drop of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from Sustain Bio-Fuels goes through a stringent quality check throughout the production phase – right from collection of used cooking oil production to storage and delivery. UCO production sourced from various restaurants and food factories across India High quality vegetable used cooking oil with no animal fat content Ideal for production as a transportable, storable fuel for transport Consistent availability of steady volume of UCO Low in free fatty acids resulting in higher yield of bio-fuel Low water / moisture content and zero impurity levels Authorised Eco-collection System and UCO aggregation Pre-treatment of UCO to remove impurities and moisture Strategically located near Kochi, the logistics-hub of South India Facility to deliver UCO in flexi tank Reliable storage, packaging and distribution of UCO Used Cooking from Sustain Biofuels


Sustain Biofuels, Vengalloor Bypass Thodupuzha, Kerala State India 685608 Phone : Tel: (+91) 9745144705 Email : Website: Contact Us

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