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Susan Jordan (Foxboro MA) is highly skilled and efficient in the use of Office, Excel. Outlook and PowerPoint. To know more about her visit her official site


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Susan Jordan Grade 4 Classroom Teacher at Joseph C. Chamberlain Elementary School


Susan Jordan (Norton MA) has unmatched teaching skills which make her diligent, resourceful and efficient. Throughout her life, her goal was to teach and inculcate students with a vision which keep them going. Her teaching methodology and techniques are always about student growth. She always comes up with extraordinary management techniques to maintain classroom behavior.


Susan Jordan (Foxboro MA) initially completed Bachelors of Spanish which consist of intensive proficiency-oriented course work in Spanish. Later she pursued Bachelor of Elementary Education K-5. Then she pursued a Masters of Special Education. Susan Jordon is a dedicated teacher and had been a Grade 4 Special Educator for 5 years.


Susan Jordan (Foxboro MA) presently works at Joseph C. Chamberlain Elementary School as a Grade 4 Classroom teacher. She teaches all academics for up to 28 students according to the MA curriculum frameworks.


Moreover, Susan Jordan (Norton MA) is proficient at Microsoft Excel, Office, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. To make lecture interesting for students she plans engaging lessons with different classroom activity to ensure every student is participating.


Her concern for students is not just bound to a classroom. She also communicates with families regarding student growth, behavior, and progress.


THANK YOU To know more about her visit her official site

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