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Famous Missourians:

Famous Missourians Walt Disney By: Gabby Brady


Childhood/Ed/Occ In 1901, December 5 th in Chicago, the Disney family had a baby boy named Walter Elias Disney. Walt had 4 other siblings, H erbert, R oy, Ray, and Ruth. They lived in Marceline, Mo. 7 days a week Walt had to deliver newspaper before attending grammar school. Walt was bored in all of his classes, the only thing he liked was drawing cartoons for the newspaper. Walt went to F rance to attend the Red Cross Ambulance Corps in 1918 for nine months.

Adult family:

Adult family After he was in France he moved back to K ansas city in 1919.In 1925 Walt married one of his employees, L illian Bounds. Together Walt and Lillian had 2 daughters, Sharon and Diane.

Contributions to Missouri:

Contributions to Missouri One of Walt Disneys movies were “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. Roy , his brother helped Walt make the Disney company a success. Two of Walts legacys were Disneyland and Disneyworld.

Interesting facts:

Interesting facts Disneyland and and Disneyworld was a dream come true for Disney. Walt Disney needed a new idea so Walt, Roy, and iwerks shaped the character which became Mickey Mouse. Iwerks drew that character and Disney became his voice. Sadly Walt died 10 days after his birthday, Dec.15 1966 of lung cancer. He was missed badly.


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