5 Reasons why you should Migrate to Salesforce Lightning


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Opting for the Salesforce Lightning Migration from the existing Salesforce Classic platform will ensure a higher conversion rate, faster redress to user queries, and improved efficiency of team members. To know more about Salesforce Lightning Migration, https://www.damcogroup.com/salesforce/salesforce-lightning-service.html/


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5 Reasons why you should Migrate to Salesforce Lightning

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2 INTRODUCTION Salesforce has been pretty consistent with its layout and functionalities and has played a pivotal role in business management. However with the launch of Salesforce Lightning followed by subsequent updates more and more organizations are now considering Salesforce Lightning migration as a necessary move to improve their business productivity. Salesforce Lightning comes with a wide range of features to assist businesses in Sales Marketing Customer Service and Administration functions along with flexible customization app integration and cloud support abilities.

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3 HERE ARE OUR 4 REASONS WHY BUSINESSES MUST CONSIDER MIGRATING TO THE LIGHTNING PLATFORM. Automation in Sales Salesforce Einstein New User Interface Lightning App Builder

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01 Automation in Sales With Salesforce Lightning Migration companies can automate their sales in a much-organized manner compared to the standard Classic platform adding to the efficiency of the sales team. The Sales Path feature allows teams to see all the opportunities in the sales pipeline enabling sales representatives to make accurate decisions faster.

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02 Salesforce Einstein Salesforce Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence layer in Salesforce Lightning that facilitates deep learning machine learning predictive analysis and natural language processing capabilities in the existing workflows. The predictive analytics capabilities of Salesforce Einstein can be used by sales and marketing teams to close deals much faster as it aids in predicting campaign outcomes with a greater margin of accuracy.

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03 New User Interface The modern layout available in Salesforce Lightning is much more dynamic and flexible than the standard Classic layout. With its seamless UI teams can decrease the toggle time between screens allowing employees to be more time-efficient and perform activities in a few clicks. Moreover users can perform seamless transitions between mobile and desktop applications using its mobile-friendly platform.

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04 Lightning App Builder The Lightning app builder allows users to customize pages with ease. The drag and drop capabilities in the app builder can be leveraged to customize pages including the dashboard. For this teams can choose from the list of more than 300 reusable components that can be adjusted based on the company’s needs.

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