Scale Your Business through Salesforce App Development


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Salesforce App Development helps organizations to quickly scale-up their IT infrastructure with growth. To know more about Salesforce App Development,


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Scale Your Business Through Salesforce App Development

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Salesforce AppExchange is the largest marketplace of business applications that are developed over the Salesforce platform. Around 85 of Fortune 100 businesses employ apps available through AppExchange to improve their workflows. Salesforce apps are available for implementation through Salesforce AppExchange Partners the companies that offer paid or free solutions over the marketplace. You can either opt for direct app download and implementation or contact the partners for customized integration. Enter text here Enter text here Introduction

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Here how Salesforce App Development helps Organizations to Scale-up their IT Infrastructure Cross-Device Access and Multichannel Workflows Pre-built Solutions Seamless Integration into the Salesforce Ecosystem Range of Solutions to Choose From

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01 Range of Solutions to Choose From Apps available at AppExchange offer solutions to different industries and business processes. With elaborate classification the customer can browse apps test them in the trial period or use a free version for estimating suitability in his/her business scenario. For example a company seeking Field Service Solution can search for the app that fits its budget number of users or specific use-case and get a quote for customization with required features. It is also easy to upgrade subscription based on the business needs.

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02 Pre-built Solutions Apps available at AppExchange are ready-to-integrate thereby circumventing the need for hiring developers bearing the cost of development testing and maintenance. This helps in optimizing the cost of expanding the IT infrastructure. Usually paid apps or the ones available under the managed package are upgraded and maintained by the respective Salesforce Appexchange Partners. Unmanaged packages are open-source and mostly offer the basic layer of code to build sophisticated apps.

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03 Seamless Integration into the Salesforce Ecosystem Since AppExchange solutions are built over the Salesforce Platform they are seamlessly integrated into various Salesforce offerings so that the users can gain a 360-degree view of their processes. For example a customer service app can be integrated into Salesforce CRM enhancing customer service agent’s efficiency and improving customer experience. Through Salesforce App Development users can request functionalities suiting their workflows.

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04 Cross-Device Access and Multichannel Workflows Most Salesforce apps are available for tablets and smartphones as well. This enables users to access and process information easily irrespective of location. Through Salesforce App Development organizations can instantly deploy custom Android solutions utilizing pre-built and custom components. Salesforce-based mobile apps are robust and scalable with a true out-of-the-box experience. Organizations can also engage customers over different channels such as SMS email WhatsApp etc.

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