Grow Your Business by Salesforce Professional


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Hiring salesforce professionals can boost your business performance as through using the CRM capabilities of the salesforce cloud, businesses can leverage various business functions and increase their functional capabilities. To know more about Salesforce Professionals,


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Grow Your Business by Salesforce Professional

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Key Roles of Salesforce Professionals

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01 Salesforce Developer Salesforce Developer has the responsibility to create the basic functionality mainly application logic including writing of the apex court. He creates Visualforce pages as per the customer requirements and also integrates salesforce API with the existing systems of data. A good Salesforce Developer must have knowledge of various programming languages and Java.

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02 Salesforce Administrator An Administrator is a Salesforce Professional with in-depth understanding of Salesforce customisation and takes care of day to day work like user maintenance generating reports dashboards etc. He works with key stakeholders of the company and figure out the loopholes in the existing business processes and provides appropriate business solutions.

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03 Salesforce Architect Salesforce Architects are in extremely high demand and the number of certified architects is in few hundred only. Salesforce Technical Architect should have complete expertise on the Salesforce platform and various web development languages. He would be responsible for any major changes made in the entire Salesforce platform including major customisation.

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04 Salesforce Consultant A Salesforce Consultant is a valuable resource for any organisation as he helps in increasing revenue generation and brings in value to the clients. He should be competent on the Salesforce platform so that he can analyse the problems and develop appropriate solutions while also assessing their impact on business. A good Salesforce consultant should know every minute feature of salesforce platform and should understand its functionalities as to how the data flows in and out of the CRM.

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