Migrate your Salesforce Data to Grow Business


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Salesforce Data Migration experts facilitate the transfer of data from any database to Salesforce as per the standard protocol and ensure that the business logic and workflows are maintained. To know more about Salesforce Data Migration, https://www.damcogroup.com/salesforce/Salesforce-Data-Migration-Services.html/


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Cover Migrate your Salesforce Data to Grow Business

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Introduction Data Migration is not just moving of records from one system to another but is in fact a challenging and time consuming task. It requires planning and understanding of the previous systems as poor migration could lead to eventual loss of important data. There are many factors that need to be considered while Salesforce Data Migration depending on the complexity of source data to make sure that all data is imported as per the standard protocol.

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Best Practices for an Efficient  Salesforce Data Migration A B C D Identifying Required Fields Set Order of Migration Create a Data Migration Workbook Consideration for Data Load

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A: Identifying Required Fields- Identify the fields involved in process such as required fields optional fields legacy IDs business rules and system generated fields. B: Set Order of Migration - Relationship between objects and dependencies decide the order of Salesforce data migration. Relationships are generally expressed through lookups and lists whereas IDs create the relationships in database.

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C: Create a Data Migration Workbook - Its better to have and follow migration workbook as it holds the data mapping for each object in the process. You can personalize the workbook based on your specific business requirements. D: Consideration for Data Load- Cleanse and optimise your data before loading and use bulk API for better throughput. One can increase load performance by deferring the sharing calculations until the completion of load.

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Poor Planning Importing Large Data in Production Environment in one go Importing in Random Order Avoidable Mistake 01 03 02

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