Improvise Your Business Workflows with Salesforce Administrator


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Salesforce Administrator upkeeps the Salesforce ecosystem and trains users while providing strategic solutions to make business processes smarter. With a Remote Salesforce Administrator, you can achieve all benefits without having to hire an in-house resource. To know more about Salesforce Administrator,


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Improvise Your Business Workflows with Salesforce Administrator

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Introduction 2 Salesforce CRM provides huge range of services to its clients it needs to be maintained to keep it running. Salesforce Administrators perform the task of day to day today management of Salesforce Application while eliminating inefficiency and increasing productivity. Salesforce Administrators create tools for any device like intelligent workflows easy to use dashboards and apps for any project.

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Tasks Performed by Salesforce Administrator 2 Annual Tasks Monthly Tasks Ongoing Tasks Quarterly Tasks Weekly Tasks 01 02 03 04 05

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1 2 It includes running data reduplication tools such as Ring lead or demand tools and run adoption dashboards. They also run and Store weekly snapshot of system data which includes history tables for at least 90 days. Data administrator also has to spot any user Lockouts login errors or unexpected IP addresses. They deactivate users from time to time if the user does not require SFDC access and also transfer record ownership if there is any change in responsibility. Salesforce Administrator has to take care of day to day admin tasks and resolve user problems in real time. They perform activities like adding new white-listed IP addresses and unlocking user accounts for resetting passwords. The help users to fine tune reports to produce meaningful metrics along with formulating workflows and troubleshooting email campaigns. Administrator also refines sharing rules and access privileges for proper viewing while hiding special records. Ongoing Tasks Weekly Tasks

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1 1 1 2 Salesforce Administrator perform some quarterly tasks like adding or removing members of your community or partner portals and downloading CSV from system administrator setup. Profile report is also run to identify rules for profiles which have no active users and new picklist values are also examined. Salesforce Administrator perform monthly activities like making additions and amendments to picklist values or other fields and also pre-test changes in a full sandbox. They run field utilisation report to find out new sources of data pollution and remove idle fields if they are consistently blank. Monthly Tasks Quarterly Tasks

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1 2 1 1 1 2 Annual tasks performed by Salesforce Administrator include creation of archive of all system field history tables to ensure audit trail. They also archive documents image etc to reduce storage charges of your system while adhering to your companies document retention policy. They summarise upgrades and new feature additions and update the system roadmap to achieve business objectives. Annual Tasks

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