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Cancelling your timeshare contract is nearly impossible do it by yourself. It’s better to hire a timeshare attorney who can provide expert guidance required to handle all issues related to timeshare. Visit https://www.susanbudowski.com


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I No Longer WANT MY TIMESHARE What to do www.susanbudowski.com

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www.susanbudowski.com This type of question is common and unfortunately there are lots of timeshare buyers out there who are doubtful that they made the right decision. Most states in United States have a mandatory rescission period specified by the law for timeshare sales. This is a cooling off period for timeshare buyers and gives them a chance to change their mind. While all situations are different here are few advices.

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www.susanbudowski.com During the rescission period a buyer can cancel his/her contract within three to ten days depending on the state of signing the sales contract. The buyer has to provide a written notice by completing a Notice of Cancellation Rights according to the instructions on the form to the developer. It is critical these rescission is done specifically done exactly as the contract states or the timeshare company will not honor it. Cancel During the Rescission Period

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www.susanbudowski.com Selling a timeshare on the resale market is extremely difficult there is virtually no resale market. You can find them everyday for sale on Ebay for 1 dollar. NEVER pay an upfront fee to anyone who says they can sell or that they have a buyer for your timeshare. Nearly ALL are scams and you will lose your money and still have your timeshare. Sell Your Timeshare

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www.susanbudowski.com There are organizations that accept deeded-timeshare donations. These organizations sell the intervals and then give the proceeds to one of their partner charities. Donate the Timeshare

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www.susanbudowski.com This can help you get out of your contract very quickly. However transferring ownership to a third party is extremely dangerous unless it is a relative or friend who wants your timeshare. You won’t get paid for it however it will alleviate future maintenance payments and other fees. Transfer Ownership to a Third Party

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www.susanbudowski.com If you are looking to get out of your timeshare call Timeshare Attorney Susan Budowski an experienced timeshare lawyer who will do whatever it takes to assist you getting rid of your unwanted timeshare. To know more Visit: www.susanbudowski.com Call us: 800 854 7872

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