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Need Mac OS X Carbon Support? : 

Need Mac OS X Carbon Support?

Introduction: Mac OS X Carbon : 

Introduction: Mac OS X Carbon Developed by Apple Inc. it is a procedural application programming interface for the Macintosh Operating System. Provides C programming language access to Macintosh system services. One of 5 API’s that may be accessed from a Mac OS X program. Other 4 include Cocoa, POSIX, X11 and Java. Consists of a broad set of functions for managing files, memory, data, the user interface, and other system services. Opens nearly all the functionality of Mac OS X to developers who do not know the Objective-C language.

Features: Mac OS X Carbon : 

Features: Mac OS X Carbon Provides a good degree of backward compatibility for programs to run. Adds modern methods for manipulating information. Composed of Managers, which are functionally related API’s defining sets of data structures and functions to manipulate them. These Managers are often interdependent or layered. Much more object-oriented in their conception.

Our Services : 

Our Services Custom Applications for Mac OS X (Intel/PPC), Mac OS X Server. Carbon, Cocoa, Universal Binary. Migration or Porting or Reengineering. Mac OS PPC to Intel/Universal Binary Application Porting. Classic Mac OS to OS X (Carbon/Cocoa) Application Porting. Mac OS to Windows Application Porting (Mac OS Porting). Windows to Mac OS Application Porting (Porting to Mac OS). CodeWarrior to Xcode Porting. PowerPlant/Carbon to Cocoa Porting. Cross Platform Development – Mac/Windows/UNIX. Mac OS X Device Driver Development. Custom Extensions/Plug-in Development for Mac OS X Products. Adobe, Quark, FileMaker, Servoy.

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