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Need API Interface designed for Google Apps Marketplace? : 

Need API Interface designed for Google Apps Marketplace?

Introduction: API : 

Introduction: API An abstraction that defines and describes an interface for the interaction with a set of functions used by components of a software system. Is an interface implemented by a software program to enable interaction with other software. Implemented by applications, libraries and operating systems to determine vocabulary and calling conventions the programmer should employ to use their services. May include specifications for routines, data structures, object classes and protocols used to communicate between the consumer and implementer of the API. Give you multiple formats and allow you to customize the interface according to your requirements.

Why Google Apps Marketplace? : 

Why Google Apps Marketplace? Rise in search volumes and expected increase in the customer base of Google Apps Marketplace. Procure, configure, and deploy third-party services all from a central destination. No need to search through the web of your own to find third party apps. A free (or near-free), reliable infrastructure for any small to medium business’ core Internet needs. No need of credibility check. API Integration is easier and has reusable functionality

Our Services : 

Our Services API interface design, development and integration. EBay API Service. Google API integration. Online Payment Gateway Integration. Google web API. E-Commerce and X-cart. Analytics Dashboard development for BI. Web feeds in PHP.

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Contact Us For further queries on API Interface Design Contact or 1-248-686-1424

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