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Need Maya Plug-in Support? : 

Need Maya Plug-in Support?

Maya: Introduction : 

Maya: Introduction A popular, integrated node-based 3D software suite. A high-end 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling and 3D animation software package. Two versions available - Maya Complete - Maya Unlimited Originally for IRIX OS, then ported to MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating system. Primarily used in Film and TV industry. Also used for computer and video games, architectural visualization and design.

Maya: Features : 

Maya: Features Openness to third-party software. Can strip the software completely of its standard appearance and, using only the kernel, transform it into a highly customized version. A cross-platform scripting language is provided not only as scripting language, but as means to customize its core functionality. User interactions are implemented and recorded as MEL scripting code which can be stored on a custom toolbar by users. Support for Python scripting. Project files can be stored as sequences of MEL operations. Instant access to a majority of features in Maya at the press of a key

Technologies & Industries : 

Technologies & Industries C++, Maya API, Mel scripting, XSI API. C++, XSI C++ API, Mentel Ray. Visual Effects and Computer Animation Industry. Computer Graphics Industry.

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