A few pictures of exhibits at Musee de Louvre, Paris

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Pictures of a few Exhibits from Musee de Louvre, Paris

Slide 2:

Ancient Sculpture – about a story of King Solomon’s wisdom

Slide 3:

Ancient Cross engraving

Slide 4:

Ancient Greek sport

Slide 6:

Greek sculpture

Slide 8:

Egyptian pottery

Slide 9:

Egyptian pottery

Slide 10:

Egyptian heiroglyphics

Slide 11:

Egyptian colour paintings

Slide 12:

Egyptian colour paintings

Slide 13:

Queen Neferteti

Slide 14:

Egyptian heiroglyphics

Slide 15:

Ancient Roman amphora

Slide 16:

Greek terracota art

Slide 17:

Ancient giant stone sculpted vessel

Slide 18:

Life-like portraits fixed at face height of Egyptian mummies

Slide 21:

Art work of ancient artisans

Slide 22:

Ancient costume jewellery

Slide 23:

Model of Palace de Medieval

Slide 24:

Royal Crowns & Majesty’s Insignia

Slide 25:

Ancient ornate glassware

Slide 26:

Ancient glassware

Slide 27:

Ancient ornate glassware

Slide 28:

The Confessor sculpture

Slide 30:

Great Sphinx of Tanis replica


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