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FLY ASH BRICKS S.V.N.I.T Session -2011-2012 Branch-CE Submitted To Submitted By R.S.Panday Abhishek Mourya

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Fly ash bricks industry is one important field in which the fly ash can be utilised as a major raw material . The use of fly ash lime sand and a small quantity of Magnesium chloride as accelerator . The fly sand and lime are mixed approximately in the ratio of 80:13:7 the hydraulic press is used for making these bricks. Defination

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C.Fly ash

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Chemical Composit Component Of Fly Ash Bricks Bituminous Subbituminous Lignite Sio2(%) 20-60 40-60 15-45 Fe2O3(%) 10-40 4-10 4-15 CaO(%) 1-12 5-30 15-40 LoI(%) 0-15 0-3 0-1

Fastly Use By fly ash bricks:

Fastly Use By fly ash bricks 1 . Windhoek Namibia in 1970 .There is however a problem with the bricks that they tend to fail. 2. American civil Engineer Henry Liu announced the invention of new type of Fly ash bricks in 2007. Liu’s bricks is Compressed at 4,000 psi and cured for 24 hours in a 150 ˚F(66 ˚C)steam.

Classification of Fly ash bricks:

Classification of Fly ash bricks 1.Class Fly Ash Bricks 2.Class C Fly Ash Bricks Class F fly ash The burning of harder, older anthracite and bituminous coal typically produces Class F fly ash. This fly ash is pozzolanic in nature, and contains less than 20% lime (CaO). Possessing pozzolanic properties, the glassy silica and alumina of Class F fly ash requires a cementing agent, such as Portland cement, quicklime, or hydrated lime, with the presence of water in order to react and produce cementitious compounds. Alternatively, the addition of a chemical activator such as sodium silicate (water glass) to a Class F ash can lead to the formation of a geopolymer Class C fly ash Fly ash produced from the burning of younger lignite or subbituminous coal, in addition to having pozzolanic properties, also has some self-cementing properties. In the presence of water, Class C fly ash will harden and gain strength over time. Class C fly ash generally contains more than 20% lime (CaO). Unlike Class F, self-cementing Class C fly ash does not require an activator. Alkali and sulfate (SO4) contents are generally higher in Class C fly ashes

Manufactured by fly ash bricks:

Manufactured by fly ash bricks One type of fly ash brick is manufactured by mixing fly ash with an equal amount of clay , then firing in a kiln at about 1000 degrees C . This approach has the principal benefit of reducing the amount of clay required. Another type of fly ash brick is made by mixing soil, plaster of paris, fly ash and water, and allowing the mixture to dry. In India, fly ash bricks are used for construction. Leading manufacturers use an industrial standard known as "Pulverized fuel ash for lime-Pozzolana mixture" using over 75% post-industrial recycled waste, and a compression process

Machines OF fly ash bricks Block Making Machines:

Machines OF fly ash bricks Block Making Machines

Automatic –Concrete –Fly ash –Bricks –Block -Machine :

Automatic –Concrete –Fly ash –Bricks –Block -Machine

Fly Ash Bricks Machine:

Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Machine Making Of bricks:

Machine Making Of bricks 1 * Movable Concrete Block Making Machinery 2 * Clay Brick Making Machine 3 * Fly ash Brick Making Plant 4 * Interlock Brick Making Machines 5 * Block Making Machine *6 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

Company name:

Company name 1* Lakshmi & Co. 2 * Pioneer Cranes & Elevators (P) Ltd. 3* Global Impe 4 * Rajkumar Agro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 5. Karthik Engineering 6* * Fluidics 7 * Sharad Enterprises 8 * Sree Parijatha Machinery Works 9 * Trident Machinery Corporation 10 * Shri Engineering Enterprises . Related Suppliers 1 . Cech-06 2.MECHOTECH

Image of fly ash bricks:

Image of fly ash bricks

Add. Of fly ash bricks:

Add. Of fly ash bricks 1. fly ash bricks is a self leveling self compacting material. 2. fly ash bricks is a filler Material. 3.It is a good ability. Disadvanteges Low Strenth Material

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