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TOURISM ?? a dream job ??

YES : 

YES Great Job Security Many jobs with a variety of opportunities for the future There is good earning potential Internationality Many travel opportunities

NO : 

NO For example, winter tourism is seasonal work Therefore one has to adjust to six months unemployment One must be very mobile, you can not insist on your permanent residence The seperation from the family on time should not be a problem

Gastronomy Specialist : 

Gastronomy Specialist Teaching Profession: This teaching was introduced in 2005, it is a so-called "double doctrine". Double doctrine means that you can learn 2 professions at the same time-restaurant retail employee and chef /cook. The range of training covers the whole catering industry. The young person also learns what is important for running a business.

activities: : 

activities: Taking and accepting orders Reviewing storage and preservation of goods Using various cooking techniques Receiving and placing guests Serving food and beverages

Personal qualities: : 

Personal qualities: Organisational skills Kindness and politeness Knowledge of languages Ability to work under pressure Creativity

Education: : 

Education: The apprenticeship lasts 4 years and ends with the final apprenticeship examination.

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