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E Diary –Comprehensive Teaching Learning Tool Teacher’s Desk Search Tool -AC/Principal/Teachers Can have access Address Book

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Reminders News from Principal News from teacher It’s a Planner Tool

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ICT TOOLS USED Get Connected

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Teacher Segment Provides teacher a platform to upload all the content required for reference Teacher can keep on adding to reservoir of this resource

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Teacher orientation Teacher Orientation Formatting Tools

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Special Features Templates creating Tool for Formatting (browse for image)

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Special Features Formula Editor (insert symbols) Java11 must be installed in PC

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Special Features Table Creation Tool

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Images Upload Hyperlinks

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The student oriented segment deals with the content of teacher’s diary related to lesson planning Student Content

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Student orientation This tool is basically to add the competencies which will be Reflected in subsequent tab.Thus in order to add competency one Has to come back to STUDENT ORIENTED tab.

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In this section the teacher can record all details of the concepts/competencies after making necessary entries under Class, subject, topic, subject, concept details and upload image. Concept Detail

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Concept detail Editing Tools To describe the content related to competencies

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S egment of the e-CTLT, the teacher can record the activities planned for each concept in the subject and class being dealt by him/her Activity on Concept

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Activity on concept Design / upload the activities

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Diagnosis for concept The evaluation tools are basically for diagnostic purpose and are those fundamental questions that are framed to test the basic conceptual understanding of the child. The teachers will record these questions on various concepts/ competencies under evaluation tools segment

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Diagnosis Concept The tool is use to judge the competencies and can be used as Remedial/Recapitulation of what is done in Class

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This section provides the teacher a facility to record all diagnostic steps including home work under various concepts. The home work is basically meant to recapitulate the classroom teaching and it is intended to ensure the continuity of classroom teaching. The home work is given from the related questions from the exercise on the topic so that the child attempts them and is in a position to recapitulate the classroom teaching. The evaluation of the homework becomes a diagnostic tool to identify the areas of his/her weakness and it is given on the classroom content transaction areas only. Diagnosis Home Work

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Diagnosis Home work Select the Class This tool is used for Diagnosing the learning taken place Through home assignment

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Remedial Process Assignment Under remedial section the assignment is given by the teacher based on the application of evaluation tools. The home assignment i s more objective and scientific in nature and it is basically meant to remove the child’s area of identified difficulties. Since the difficulties of different children are different, the assignment is individual specific and not general, in other words the assignment varies from individual to individual or may be given to group of homogeneous nature on identified areas of weakness for remediation. The assignments will be given at three different levels on the basis of the learner’s achievement profile. Level ‘A’ will address the group of ‘Bright’ students. Level ‘B’ will target the ‘Average’ class of learners and level ‘C’ will be meant for the Slow learners.

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Remedial process Assignments Tittles Extra assignments/questions can be given to remove the Weak area on the basis of HW assigned

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In order to assess the application of the concept/ competency addressed in the classroom teaching learning situation,, the teacher decides the project for the child. There are basically two parameters to ensure the success of a project. The project should be based on clear conceptual understanding and interest of the child. In other words the project should be assigned on the strong areas of the child with due recognition to his interest. It can be understood with more clarity if we distinguish it from the assignment as the assignment is given on the weak area of the child and the Project is given on the strong area of the child. Remedial Projects

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Remedial Projects Upload Videos Having assessed the work done Teacher will assign Project Based on Interest of the child

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Grading parameters This tool is use to Grade the student learning in 4 point scale (3/2/1/0) on the basis of content Teacher has planned and delivered Student & Parent can view Grades awarded by Teacher using same login Tab will be visible if Students are registered from Principal’s account

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View and Print View & Print option

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Student Detail Student details Biodata of the student –Id/RegNo./Name/Father’sName/ Mother’s Name/Contact No. Java 11 to be installed / Use Mozzilla firefox Browser

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Planner Tool

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Software requirement for ectlt- OS- Windows XP Professional/ Windows Vista /Linux/Mac MS office 2007 /2003 /obuntu Install Java 11 Browsers –All browsers (JavaScript enabled) Any software any platform

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Advantages/features- Pass ward does not need to be upgraded Work on Any software /any platform Checks unauthorized access to material User Friendly Teacher can add on to the content as per her flexibility It is a graded approach Monitoring is easy –even without observing the In-class Lesson , Virtual monitoring serves the purpose Check unproductive writng /rewritng of Teacher’s Diary Cooperates in Team work as Pool effort of Teachers can help others to have access to their work—Exchange & Enhancement of Knowledge Promotes spirit of Innovation Motivates us to learn /unlearn/relearn As per NCF/CCE/CBSE

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Phase in Progression CCE software Result Module developed in .xls will be part of Evaluation Teacher work will have Folder option so that content for a Specific Topic is organized Worthy Assistant Commissioners will have access to every Students account Provision of adding more pages to Teacher and Student

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Step 1 Learn to use Digital Camera Surf Internet Ready to use Flash Banner Creative use Of G talk & Yahoo Photoshop CS2 (Video Tutorial ) Windows movie maker (Video Tutorial)

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Step 2 Learn to upload Banner in the Online Project Space Video of An Astronaut Content of Online & Library Research in Project Space Pictures (Video PHOTOSTORY 3)

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SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Kalpana chawla Centre at Kurukshetra Science panorama at Kurukshetra BPS Planetarium at Ambala cantt Guest speaker from SD College Ambala on Astronomy on WORLD SPACE WEEK Video conferencing by Microsoft KVS Coordinator for Trouble Shoot Sharing Personal experiences of A Scientist JAYANT VISHNU NARLEKER Learn More Learn More Learn More

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Artifacts Make Banners using Photoshop CS2 Make Easy to use Flash using www123-banner.com Power Point Presentations Make a movie usingWindows Moviemaker Tool Click for movie Click for ppt Upload it on www.tenderminds.org

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Reflections t Click the online Survey Monkey Tool for Students http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm =S8p1HcDM2PXY41x_2fUZ2uig_3d_3d t Click the online Survey Monkey Tool for the Teachers http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=FKxFFDsn7OyM4s98ruxHWw_3d_3d t ‘ t’ Test Analysis among the performance of Students Authentic Assessment Formative assessment

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References User friendly Site for Children http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/ recommender_interest_area.php?ia=Astro Animated Videos for Students http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/en/kids/live/index.shtml#http:// spaceplace.nasa.gov/en/kids/live/index.shtml# Video of Late Astronaut Kalpana Chawla http://www.google.co.in/search?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla %3Aen-US%3Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&q=video+of+kalpana +chawla&meta=&btnG=Google+Search About Constellations http://www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/constellations/

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The Scope To be a Tech savvy Students. Self Paced Learning. To upload the content online portal www.tenderminds.org For all the viewers and www.thinkquest.org for the registered Users To communicate effectively in a diverse Society using online Tools To have Comprehensive Learning. To have online Projects . To make Students and Teachers better Nitezens.

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Thankyou Your valuable suggestions are invited, please post them at- Suri.harminder@gmail.com Harminder.suri@hotmail.com

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