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In this surgery, the chest is cut open to perform the treatment on the muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart. According to NHLBI, open heart surgery is the most common type of heart operation in which a healthy artery or vein is grafted to a blocked coronary artery.


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Is An Open Heart Surgery Dangerous Every open heart surgery carries risks and complications. presents the risk of complications. These risks also involved the procedure of the surgery intake of anaesthesia patients body immune power or system and other issues. They always vary from the type of heart surgery to the patients body. When the age of a patient is equal or above 70 the risk of the surgery increases. People who have had appeared for previous heart surgeries other chronic conditions such as diabetes coronary artery disease and high blood pressure may show intensive complications. By following doctors prescriptions and making lifestyle changes you can lower down the probability of risks. Visit and opt for best surgeon for open heart surgery. Most Common Complications During and After Heart Surgery This is one of the severe surgeries that need few days of supervision and routinely dealing. The cases are closely monitored in the hospital by staff and through lab tests. Here are some of the main complications that you need to know: • Bleeding may occur at the site of operation or incision area. • In the case of internal pacemaker placement one can experience abnormal heart rhythm. • During the open-heart surgery there can be chances of complete damage of heart tissues due to the lack of blood flow and this may further cause ischemic heart damage. • Death is the extreme aftermath that can happen at the time of surgery when the heart stops to respond. Opt for best hospitals for open heart surgery to make sure you are in the experienced hands.

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• Blood clotting is a major issue which forms in and around the heart and travels through the bloodstream. • Heart strokes and heart attacks are the most common issues which caused by clots after the surgery. • Heart transplant surgery may lead to heavy blood loss.

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