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SurgiCare affords funding by using buying the lien-primarily based clinical accounts receivables from scientific vendors on personal injury cases For more details, please visit at


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Slide 1: Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

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At Surgicare , we understand the struggles that attorneys and law firms face when searching for quality lien-based medical care for their injured clients. Whether it is facing the reality of providing costly medical expenses needed to treat your client or working with medical providers that are not accustomed to lien-based care. These issues can be frustrating creating both a financial burden for the attorney as well as an administrative nightmare for the legal staff handling the personal injury case.

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Medical Lien Funding for Attorneys / Law Firms SURGICARE  will  fund your injured client’s medical care  so that you can utilize your resources in other areas. Our experienced staff  will assist your legal team in your client’s coordination of care. Immediate access to our  network of doctors which  will treat your client on a lien-basis. We offer a Non-recourse policy , meaning that we will absorb the loss in the event of a lack of recovery for your client. Our convenient underwriting process allows  you to discuss your case directly with the underwriter.

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Funding for Medical Providers SURGICARE will provide your practice with  immediate funding  on personal injury liens, allowing you to practice medicine immediately! Our staff will work closely with the patient’s attorney, freeing up your staff to focus on medical care. Payment guaranteed within 30 days! Payments on lien-based receivables at rateshigher  than most commercial insurances. Non-recourse policy means that we will absorb the loss in the event of a lack of recovery even if you have received payment.

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Contact Us SURGICARE is committed to your success!  Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you now.  We have unique, affordable solutions to help  attorneys  and  medical providers .  Call us now or drop us a line in the form below and we'll respond promptly.  Thank you! ADDRESS : 1900 North Loop W. Suite #360 | Houston, TX 77018 PHONE : (713) 239-2309 EMAIL :

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