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TCS Proposal for mRES SPSS Feasibility TCS Nielsen Confidential 9-Oct-2013

Executive Summary : MRES SPSS POC: 

Executive Summary : MRES SPSS POC POC Estimates Total Cost USD 34,000 Time Line 8 weeks About MRES POC : The objective of the SPSS portion of the POC is to understand the complexity associated with survey authoring using SPSS and interviewing in offline mode on a mobile. SPSS saves questionnaire in an MDD format. For an offline survey to work, it is imperative that the information in an MDD file is decoded and converted into a mobile friendly format like XML. The collected responses also need to be ingested into SPSS servers. In Scope : Survey Authoring Conversion of MDD to XML Sync up mechanism for survey response Research on global variables, camera & GPS questions Simple SPSS Reporting Out of Scope : Mobile Native application Exporting responses to SPSS system from mobile Deliverables : Technical feasibility Analysis Report Demo of the developed POC TCS Approach : TCS SPSS COE team has carefully gone over each of the listed objectives and success factors in “Technology POC” section. We have had discussion with the IBM SPSS Product Architects, Product Managers to validate our understanding of the solution approach. Our approach is well founded & informed with expert information and does not miss the important problems in parsing the MDD in to an XML. MAINLY To be done by Nielsen Prog ramming Team (with assistance from TCS IBM SPSS authoring experts or equivalent, as needed) <- and Data Exports <- in collaboration with the Mobile App Developers. For the collaboration model– see next slide <- Pls remove this point as it was never meant to be included

POC Collaboration Model: 

POC Collaboration Model

Technical Feasibility – Objective & Requirements : 

Technical Feasibility – Objective & Requirements Objective Key Requirements TCS Response Authoring tool -- Ability to author a survey. Test IBM SPSS Authoring tool capabilities to support mRES survey programming.  Evaluate the programing vs. Point-and-click functionality Develop/Create survey for India mRES solution (most complex one) in English only Nielsen to provide the sample India survey samples. TCS will create the MDD Create a simple survey in English, Arabic and Russian to test multilingual support on SPSS. TCS will build author survey for our internal testing . Nielsen will author a simple survey in SPSS that will be used for the feasibility exercise Propose a solution for GPS Question and Camera Question (not supported in the IBM SPSS authoring system but must be developed for the full solution) TCS will explore feasibility to get an solution and share the analysis Research Global Variables support in the IBM SPSS authoring system and if confirmed supportable; OR find a sufficient alternative (e.g. the parent/child hierarchy properties) then it must be developed for the PoC and included in the survey.  Understand the need of the Global Variable and its scope of use. An alternate solution would be explored if Global Variable or equivalent is not feasible Authoring tool -- Confirm IBM functionality to generate a file that could be converted to an XML Export the simple survey from IBM SPSS into IBM native format.  IBM SPSS would save the survey questionnaires in MDD format. This includes the survey questions, options and routing logic Convert the file to an XML format.  The MDD file will be parsed and extracted information to be presented in XML format This XML file should be downloadable to the device through a cellular or wi-fi connection i.e. when it is online (see point below). TCS will explore the options to upload/download the survey to/from a ftp server. TCS must provide the connection capabilities – both cellular and wi-fi -- between the IBM server and the mobile app. So that the mobile app can sync up to the server. Assumption: Mobile device to connect to the ftp server and download the XML or equivalent file Ditto MAINLY To be done by Nielsen Prog ramming Team (with assistance from TCS IBM SPSS authoring experts or equivalent, as needed)

Technical Feasibility – Objective & Requirements : 

Technical Feasibility – Objective & Requirements Objective Key Requirements TCS Response IBM SPSS App Server -- Ability to convert  already imported mobile device data (through sync-ups) into the IBM SPSS database server Cellular sync up/upload of XML file (which contains the captured data) from mobile Android device to the  IBM SPSS database server. This would happen at the clicking of a pre-provided sync-up button After a survey is completed in a mobile device, the mobile device will upload the file to the ftp server Convert the XML file to an IBM native format per the SQL server database The survey response data would be ingested into SPSS backend Reporting -- Ability to reflect the mobile generated data within the IBM SPSS reporting tool Report on each record that has been sync'd up from the mobile device After survey data is collected in SPSS backend database, a few reports would be generated to prove importing of response data from mobile devices Exporting -- Ability to export the mobile generated data from the IBM SPSS export facility Export each record that has been sync'd up from the mobile device Survey data can be exported from SPSS Data Collection Server Nielsen should be able to produce the reports without any chnages to the enviornment here since the reporting facility is already there and works off the SPSS database– this point is to be valdated . Nielsen should be able to export the data without any chnages to the enviornment here since the export facility is already there and works off the SPSS database– this point is to be valdated .

Key Assumptions : 

Key Assumptions Assumptions Nielsen will work on 1) one long and complex survey questionnaire only in the English and its related validations/routing instructions (2) one simple survey questionnaire (for 3 languages) and their related validations/routing instructions – with assistance from a TCS IBM SPSS authoring expert or equivalent [ depending on where the expertise would come from ] For non-English surveys, translation of Survey questionnaires will be provided by Nielsen Nielsen will provide the environments with IBM SPSS Interviewer, data collection server, C&DS server & MS SQL Server. NOTE: Nielsen is currently trying to source all trial licenses required for the PoC . Nielsen is also looking at getting an appropriate IBM SPSS 7 sandbox environment for the PoC . Can TCS advise 1) what licenses exactly are needed (2) if they already have those licenses, trial or otherwise? Mobile development is not in scope of TCS and hence survey rendering, capturing of response on mobile device, and mobility development related to upload and download of data files is not considered. NOTE: TCS is expected to collaborate with the mobile app developers over the subject of synchronisation of mobile to server and the two-way transfer of files The schema of XML to be used for data transfer between SPSS and mobile app should be mutually agreed upon by all stakeholders in the early part of the project Nielsen will provide necessary support in fulfilling the dependencies on mobility development and integration effort thereof Primary aim is to evaluate the technical/concept feasibility objectives provided and to make periodic determination on whether the success criteria are being met In the event of being successful in an objective, we will determine the way to do it along with any constraints and a good estimate of effort that may be required for production. In the event it is not possible, the objective would be to show what all we tried and why we feel this is not possible and to propose alternative routes

Overview of Solution (Architecture): 

Overview of Solution (Architecture) IBM Data Collection Server SPSS Translation utility IIS Web Server Sql Server IBM Collaboration And Deployment Server MDD File Survey questionnaire in English IBM SPSS Author /Professional MDD Parsing Extract Questionnaire Extract Routing Logic Conversion of Survey response Case Data Repository Use . dms scripts for data loading Authored Surveys Response case data Get survey questions and routing info in XML /JSON Parsed survey questionnaire Construct the questionnaire using the question , options and routing information Execute the survey offline and synch back the response Survey response (XML/ JSON) survey response in SPSS compatible format Mobile App ** ** Not in TCS Scope for Feasibility Translated questionnaire mrOleDB provider Interview Web service Synch web service SPSS Survey Reporter Statistical information ftp ftp

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