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25 PERSONALIZED GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE AS SECRET SANTA The very idea of a Secret Santa gift exchange at your office might be enough to give you a headache. Whether you have drawn the name of your favourite chai or coffee hangout buddy or a guy you could not pick out of a line-up who works in another department that your daily work life nothing to do with these gift ideas will bring a smile on the face of any co-worker known or not-so-well-known alike 1. PERSONALIZED POSTER THIS ONE IS FOR SOMEONE YOU MIGHT KNOW WELL WHO IS INTO ASTROLOGY THEN GIVE THEM SOMETHING LIKE THIS PERSONALISED SUNSHINE POSTERAND THEY WILL LOVE IT. 2. CERAMIC PLATE THIS PERSONALIZED PLATE IS SO COOL TO GIFT ANYONE. IT IS SO DIFFERENT UNIQUE AND MIND-BLOWING THAT THE PERSON WILL NEVER FORGET THIS GIFT NOR WILL OTHERS AROUND. 3. MONOGRAM SHOT GLASS Anything with initials is super cool and especially this shot glass is so adorable that anyone would love it. Whether they use it as a drinkware or just as a desk accessory it makes a quirky possession to have.

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4. CHOCOLATE Everyone loves chocolates and it has been a great gift option for ages for any occasion. Gift them to someone you know or you don’t these personalised chocolates would take it to the next level. 5. LAMPS

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If it’s someone who loves candles and lamps then these personalised lamps will make them the happiest. It can be even gifted to that jovial person around who is always positive and pleasant to talk to for everyone to symbolise their personality. It gets even cooler as it also rotates. 6. JEWELRY Every girl loves jewelry so there is no going wrong here. And when it’s personalised she will wear it every day 7. FRIDGE MAGNETS Fridge magnets are fun especially when it’s personalised. And most people have fridge at their home so you cannot go wrong with this one. They are also super reasonable in price if in case there is a price constraint kept by the organising committee for the gifts.

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8. CERAMIC MUG Everyone at the office loves a cup of coffee when the day is tiring or just to take a short break from all-for-business-time of the working day. Gift this cup to your office buddy and he will enjoy his coffee break even better. 9. JIGSAW PUZZLE It’s fun and we all used to love it in our childhood. This Secret Santa gift this personalised jigsaw puzzle and it will blow anyone’s mind as no one would expect this. If it a picture of a loved ones that is printed on the puzzle it will add to the value of the gift and will be quite a pleasant surprise for the receiver 10. CARICATURE This is going to be a great add on to an office desk and anyone would love to receive this crazy gift. Whether the name you have got belongs to the jumping Jack of the office or a senior member known for his I- mean-only-business attitude this gift is sure to get some laughs around. Well Santa gifts are supposed to be for fun

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11. SIPPER Just about everyone wants to be healthier and drink more water. Unfortunately most of us forget to maintain this habit during the busy work days. This personalised sipper will make their journey of getting healthier a bit fun. 12. MOBILE COVERS Nowadays everyone is spending most of their time on the devices called “smartphones” and anyone would love to receive a great phone cover. Personalise it with their name and they will treasure it till it wears out 13. PEN This is one of the oldest known gifting option. However it feels great when you pick up a pen to do some work and its personalised. Gift this and the person will carry it tucked in his pocket or office dairy. 14. T-SHIRTS People love wearing graphic tee on a casual office day and they will feel great and confident in these personalised tees.

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15. HOODIE It’s Christmas time and the weather is nice and cool. A hoodie can be a perfect to gift from a caring Secret Santa. 16. NAME PLATES This festive season anyone would love to have a customised name plate outside their home or room or near their office desk. 17. COASTER

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These lovely Christmas coasters will set the mood and decor for the festival. There are lot of options to get personalised coasters either with the person’s photograph or a quirky design with a meaningful quote. 18. LASER POINTER PEN WITH A PEN DRIVE It is perfect asset for a meeting or a presentation. Your office buddy for whom it might come handy to have such an item around would love to receive it. Personalise it with their name and it will be a treasured possession. 19. POWER BANK Since phones are so important these days and everyone wishes to have a long battery life these personalised power banks are a great gifting option especially for those who are always on the move. 20. PLAYING CARDS It is festive season and everyone loves some playing time with friends and family. Gift this personalised playing cards and make those playing time even more special. 21. BAG

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Most of us carry tote bags to office these days with our lunch boxes. And if it is personalised anyone would love to flaunt it in the office. 22. CARD HOLDERS For members of sales team or management visiting cards and card holders are so important. Gift a personalised card holder and it will not go to waste. They would definitely like it and carry everyday especially to important meetings and networking events. 23. NOTEPADS Customised and personalised notepads are popular these days and have become one of the must haves for many. Everyone is so stressed out about their day and their ideas a personalised notepad will bring a smile on their face when they will take it out.

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24. PLANNER A personalised planner is a perfect gift for the coming New Year. 25. MOBILE DESK STAND We are so habituated to glance at our mobile phones every now and then hoping to have received a message. A mobile stand to make it easier to look at the screen without much of a hassle or time off the computer screen will be a great gift option.. Well these are great gift options to get you started and in action to prepare to be one of the best Secret Santas Whether you select from this list or have an awesome gift idea of your own remember that the motto is to get a smile on the face of the person you are the Secret Santa. You can even choose to leave small surprise gifts on their desks when they are not around to build up the curiosity to know who is their Secret Santa So this Christmas Season make someone feel special with these personalised gifts. You can check out our similar blog on – PERSONALISED PHOTO GIFTS – 5 IDEAS

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