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Check out this awesome PrintStop gifting catalog. It features a whole host of items that will be sure to delight friends and family alike. Holidays, weddings, parties, birthdays, and everything in between. Get great gifts at affordable prices, only from PrintStop. Check out for more cool stuff.


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Book Lamp A Multi-Functional Portable Lamp hidden in a hard cover book Opens to 360 Degree to Provide Warm Ambient `1500/- Glow In Dark Car Charger Dual USB port can charge 2 devices simultaneously. Backlit car charger designed for smartphones tabs and music players Prominent glowing imprint area that’s impossible to ignore Logo glows when in charger in use `250/- Traveller The companion you need for all your long travels. The Pouch comes with a Travel Pillow an Eye Mask and a pair of Ear Plugs. The Pouch also provides ample branding space. `180/- Smart Spill Proof Mug Note Colour may vary. Unique Design. Must Have. Value for Money. Luxurious `790/- Engrave Mugs Customize your engraved coffee mug with anything you desire. Engraving is permanently carved into the surface of the mug making this a truly unique present 350 ml. `450/- Personal

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2058R: `315 2058B: `255 831B: `165 831B: `165 0126B: `240 0126R: `353 827B: `428 827R:`540 836B: `195 836B: `195 725B: `195 832B: `84 2079R: `480 2079B: ` 435 2079R : `480 2079B: ` 435 820B: ` 203 854B: `240 2043B: `180 2043R: `270 745B: `180 These pens are trendy stylish. It can be personalised with your name company logo or company name. It makes a perfect gift. Premium Pens

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Pen Drives Pen Drive can help you to store in a lot of data. This can be attached to a laptop or to a desktop. Print unique design onto it to give it a more rich and stylish look. Gift Sets Hi-Quality Professional Set for Office use. Gift Set 01 : 1 Power Bank 1 Round Card Pendrive with Keychain and 1 Laser Pen with Pendrive Gift Set 03 : 1 Power Bank and 1 Laser Pen with Pendrive Gift Set 04 : 1 Card holder Power Bank 1 Round Card Pendrive with Keychain and 1 Laser Pen with Pendrive `1790/- `990/- `1490/- Gift Set 01 Gift Set 03 Gift Set 04 Power Bank This lightweight power bank will prove to be an effective travel accessory if you have to commute long hours to work it has just enough capacity that will tide you over till you reach your work or home where you can charge your phone as well as the power bank at your convenience. It has been built with high-quality material and has an attractive look. `650/- `550/- `350/- Slim Power bank - 2500 mAH ABS Leather Card 5000 mAH Card Holder Cum Power Bank - 2500 mah Tech Accessories Credit Card Pendrive Mini Card Pendrive Round Card Pendrive 8GB: `400/- 4GB: `350/- 8GB: `450/- 4GB: `400/- 8GB: `450/- 4GB: `400/-

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Bluetooth Speaker These speaker has a sleek design and are ease of access. A user can easily connect the speaker via Bluetooth to his mobile phone he/she can even get it customized add a brand name so that you can spread awareness of your company or you can get a short message printed on it that you want to share with everyone you come in contact with. Mini X6 Bluetooth Speaker `320/- Sound Link Mini II Wireless Speakers `690/- Smart Box Smallest Mini Speaker `390/- Smart LED Bluetooth Speaker `690/- Pen Stand Speaker `490/- Cube X3 Wireless Mini Bluetooth `470/- Blue HM Portable Speaker `450/- Digital clock X 16 Speaker `690/- Tech Accessories 5W Power 3W Power 3H x 2.5B x 2.5L 3W Power 3W Power 5H x 5B x 5L 3W Power 3H x 2.5B x 2.5L 5W Power 6W Power 3H x 3B x 8.5L 6W Power 2.5H x 2.5B x 6L

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Bottles Easy to hold and carry. Liquid tight and spill proof. Ideal to carry to office gym and school. Convenient to carry it while on the go. Comfortable grip and its compact size allows for easy storage. Aluminium Bottle 750 ml - HA - 169 `740/- Matte Cup Bottle 750 ml - HA - 145 `220/- Triangle shape Matte bottle 750 ml - HA - 144 `290/- Vacuum Cap Bottle - HA - 022 `450/- 500 ml Stylish Matte Bottle 750 ml - HA - 135 `190/- Round Matte Bottle 600 ml - HA - 146 `240/- Metallic Round Bottle 600 ml - HA - 148 `190/- Steel Vacuum Cup Mug - HA - 051 `590/- 500 ml Bottles

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Premium Probott Bottles Made from high-quality stainless steel. Uses vacuum technology for longer temperature retention. Price Start from 649 - 1149 ` ` Fruit Infuser 700 ml - HA - 072 `290/- Fruit Infuser 700 ml - HA - 071 `290/- Fruit Infuser Bottles Infuser holds a generous 700ml so you dont have to refill as often. Carrying Handle make it easy to take it anywhere you go and enjoy Fruit Flavoured Water all day Infuser Bottle for increased flavour till the last drop and drinking spout for Maximum Flavour Infusion. 350 ml 800 ml 600 ml 500 ml 750 ml 300 ml 620 ml 500 ml Bottles

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Notebook Kraft Pad This eco friendly pad with pen looks gorgeous and perfect stationery to take notes. It is available in small size and made up with kraft paper. Add a personal touch with your brand logo and name. `180/- 2 Fold Kraft Pad This eco friendly pad with pen looks gorgeous and perfect stationery to take notes. It is available in small size and made up with kraft paper. Add a personal touch with your brand logo and name. `220/- 3 Fold Kraft Pad 3 Fold Eco-Friendly Notepad is the perfect product for any in-house or outside meetings to jot down notes and ideas. Manufactured by using kraft paper this notepad is 100 environment-friendly and recyclable. Personalise it the way you want by adding your brand logo or name. `270/- Magnet Kraft Pad Add a unique and personal touch to your desk with this eco-friendly magnet pad. Made with a premium quality kraft paper this notepad is 100 eco-friendly and recyclable. `190/- Desk Accessories Size : 14 x 10 cm Size : 15.25 x 11.45 cm Size : 12 x 10.15 cm Size : 17.8 x 15.25 cm

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Cube Kraft Pad This cube shaped kraft pad looks fantastic on your desk. Get it personalized with your brand name or logo. This 100 eco friendly and recyclable kraft pad helps you to stay organized with style. `170/- Eco Friendly Table Top Set Complete table management set that transforms itself when needed. Unique design: Special rolling design cathes attention wherever it goes. Saves space: Can be folded to 1/4th of its size when not in use. `290/- 4 pc Gel highlighter A set of 4 revolutionary highlighters with gel based ink. Ink stays usable upto 2 years unlike other highlighter whose ink dries out in a few months. Comes in a beautiful box. `190/- Tea Coasters Coasters are perfect as expo or corporate giveaways as well Companies can personalize them to include their artwork or logo and subsequently ensure maximum brand visibility. `70/- Desk Accessories Size :8.9 cm cube Size :41 x 10 cm Size : 3.5 x 3.5 inch

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Polyester Bags Wide variety of shopping bags that specifically cater to the need of the consumers. These bags are easily folded into the size of a wallet. Each shopping bag can carry 15 Kgs . Large Shopping Bag `90/- h 19” x w 21” h 15” x w 16” Small Shopping Bag `80/- h 20.5” x w 18” Gusset - 6” Classic Shopping Bag `120/- Classic Canvas Tote `250/- h 20.5” x w 18” Gusset - 6” Small Canvas Tote `180/- h 16” x w 15” Large Canvas Tote `230/- h 20.5” x w 18” Laundry Packing Bags `150/- h 19.5” x w 17.2” Gusset - 5.7” Wear Wash Packing Bags `250/- h 19.5” x w 15” Gusset - 5” Shoe Care Packing Bags `250/- h 16” x w 11” Foldable washable Easily fits 10 to 15 clothes Wear Bag For organizing fresh clothes. Wash Bag For separating soiled clothes. These bags come with half mesh. Can be used for carrying Shoes toiletries medicines cosmetics etc. Canvas Shopping Bags Multi purpose shopping bag. Material – cotton canvas. Can carry 10 Kgs. Ideal for weekend shopping Utility Bags

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`390/- Lunch / Tiffin Packing Bag Foldable washable and durable Can accommodate 3 boxes and a bottle Keeps food warm Durable leatherette handle Holder for spoon knife and fork Pocket for sauce sachet tissues etc. Made from durable and easy to wash quick drying fabric Draw String Bag Foldable fashionable dual tone Multi-purpose bag ideal for cyclists sports persons students etc. Drawstring bag with half mesh Inside pocket for mobile wallet and change Can carry 10 kg weight Yoga Mat Packing Bag Easy draw string closure Shoulder strap Mesh at the bottom for ventilation For yoga mat up to 6 mm `220/- `140/- Utility Bags Mobile ring This product is used to attach to the back sides of the mobiles. It is compatible with every brand of mobile. It is used as a mobile stand and a holder. `40/-

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Paper Gift Boxes Occasions bring happiness and gifts highlight them. No matter what the gift is it will never fail to bring a smile on the receiver’s face. With our new gift box design make the smile broader. If you wish to gift some chocolates you can do so in these aesthetic customized gift boxes with your own message and logo. Price Start from `39 - `59 Pyramid Purse Clutch Minaret Tetrapack Pillow Pillow Bag Handbag Toffee Boxy Bags Boxes Size : 6.5" x 9" x 2" Size : 5.5" x 9" x 3" Size : 8.5" x 14.5" x 3" Size : 9" x 9" x 3” Size : 14.5" x 9" x 3" Size : 13.5" x 10" x 4" Size : 4" x 14" x 4” Paper Gift Bags We offer Premium paper bags with personalisation with your own message and logo. The bags are printed in exquisite traditional designs and create an ambience of festivity and joy. They are coated with a water resilient coating for a longer l ife . The bags have a beautiful cord for ease of carrying. Price Start from `59 - `99

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