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E-library S.G.Isave, Assistant Professor, Tilak College of Education, Pune-India

What is e-library ?:

sgisave@ymail.com 2 What is e-library ? Library services provided through internet. E-library has a web site for transaction. E-mail is essential to open an account. It may paid or free. Journals, books, multimedia programmes. Can be accessed and downloaded. 24×7 access. Archives are available.

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Educational uses:

sgisave@ymail.com 7 Educational uses World wide educational books are available on a click. Teacher can subscribe international journal useful for teaching and research. Students can refer more books for self learning, projects, assignment. Differently able students and teacher can access multi media material.

Educational uses:

sgisave@ymail.com 8 Educational uses Parents can guide students by reading more books. Limitations of physical library can be avoided. E books for reading on PCs, mobiles increases possibilities of lifelong learning. Useful in non formal learning and in distant mode.

Limitations :

sgisave@ymail.com 9 Limitations Technological barrier- Availability of electricity, computer and internet facility. Language barrier - Lack of literature in local languages. Its English dominant world. Not useful for school going children. Printed books are easier to read than e-books on a screen. When it is paid account it is costly.

Limitations :

sgisave@ymail.com 10 Limitations Need guidance about the selection of material. Need to check validity of content. Need to process on accessed material; can’t be accepted as it is. Huge storage of books may creates confusion. More useful for scientific subjects than social sciences because of differences.

Some e-library sites:

sgisave@ymail.com 11 Some e-library sites http://elibrary.icrisat.org/ www.jainelibrary.org/ www.elibrary.co.in/ www.eric.nic.in/ www.sagepub.in/ www.e-book.com.au/ www.open elibrary .org/ www.web-books.com/ eLibrary / www.apdip.net/ elibrary/

Thanks :

sgisave@ymail.com 12 Thanks Download, feedback, improve and use it.

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