Perspective Planning

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4.3 Perspective Planning : 

4.3 Perspective Planning S.G.Isave, Tilak College of Education, Pune-30

Meaning : 

Meaning Long term planning of a particular institution covering optimum aspects of the program.

Long term : 

Long term One year to five years Or Further.

All levels. : 

All levels. Primary To Higher Or lower and upper levels of the institution.

All stakeholders : 

All stakeholders Students. Parents. Teachers. Support staff. Administrators.

All Activities : 

All Activities Curricular Co-curricular. Extra-curricular. Evaluation. In service training. Administrative works.

All Aspects : 

All Aspects Educational. Administrative. Practical. Financial. Ethical. Infrastructural.

Planning : 

Planning Well in advanced. In detail. Comprehensive. Based on long term policies.

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