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Suresh Thimiri is the managing director of QNET India and has directed numerous companies before. He was the managing director of Transview Enterprise India Private Limited, the director of Trade Facilitators India Private Limited, Vinetree IT Solutions Private Limited, and Fortune Innovative Services Private Limited. He was also an additional director of QA Courier and Logistic Private Limited.


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Introduction :

Introduction Suresh Thimiri   is the Chief Executive Officer of  Qnet India. Suresh Thimiri  expands the business of company by intermixing with the sales force and independent representatives of  Qnet India.   He owns the registered trademark of  Qnet India.  His company is meant to transit the imports and manufacture the products for selling to the Vihaan direct which is the official franchise of  Qnet   in  India.

History of Qnet:

History of Qnet Qnet is the largest subsidiary of QI groups. The company was diversified with the partnership of QVI club brands holiday in 2002. 2006 proved to be a great year for company as the company started to market nutritional, health and energy products. It started to sell Bernard H. Mayer Brand of watches in 2006


. That very same year, QI group attained the Prana Resorts and Spa in Koh Samui . 2007 was the year when this company acquired Down to Earth which is a store chain in Hawaii .

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It was 2007 to 2012 when the QI group increased its business by almost 70%. By 2013 Qnet announced that QI group had intention to shift their manufacturing operations in India and to also establish franchise and open an office in Russia.

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