What is the need for Food Safety (ISO 22000) Certification in Kuwait


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This PDF will explain about the Food Safety Management System in Kuwait. This Article helps the organization to get ISO 22000 certification. How does it helps to the organization?


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What is the need for Food Safety ISO 22000 Certification in Kuwait The ISO 22000 is a standard that is associated with food safety and practices that ensure complete protection from any kind of food based health hazards. Food safety is considered extremely crucial as without it proper standards of food quality can never be maintained at any point of time. Food is transferred to the consumers through supply chains and a single weak link can eventually lead to the food quality being compromised. Since problems with food safety can develop at any stage it is important to have proper control of quality through the whole supply chain. Hence food safety should be considered as a type of joint responsibility wherein manufactures producers storage operators transport operators sub contractors food service outlets retail stores and service providers all pay special heed to food safety. Numerous studies have recently shown that infected food products have a direct relationship to health problems in developed as well as developing countries which can lead to serious economic problems. Hence there is now a pressing need to work with a comprehensive food safety management program by various entities within a food chain. It is exactly due to this reason that ISO 22000 certification in Kuwait has become so much important now. The ISO 22000:2005 is a Food Safety Management system that involves a number of requirements that all organizationswithin a food chain must follow. It is a type of international standard issue by ISO that clearly defines the needs and requirements of the food safety management program by covering all systems and entities in a food chain such as packaging and catering companies. The ISO 22000 standard helps to clearly specify all requirements and mandatory regulations associated with food safety. This helps to make sure that the final consumers of the food items do not experience any kind of health problems by consuming the food products. With the help of the ISO 22000 consultants in Kuwait it is possible to implement this standard for the benefit of all food consumers. These are the main benefits of ISO 22000for all customers.  Enhanced international acceptance for all food products  Greater protection of health  It satisfies all customer contractual requirements  Reduces the risk of product or service liability claims  Ensures complete safety of food items  It can help in meeting the applicable food safety as well as related regulatory and statuary requirements  It demonstrates complete conformance to the international standards as well as applicable regulatory requirements  It helps to make sure that food companies can compete in the national as well as international markets Cost of ISO 22000 certification in Kuwait

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The ISO 22000 certification cost in Kuwait depends on the size of the company as well as the number of employees it has. The cost of implementing ISO 22000 will also increase if the ISO auditors and consultants need to give training to the employees. It is always advisable to consult a reputed ISO consultant when you are looking to learn more about the ISO 22000 certification process in Kuwait.

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