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Best sales training courses from Hong Kong


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Need To Perform Better:

N eed To P erform B etter


PD- 2 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Instructional Leadership Development Framework for Data-driven Systems QUALITY STUDENT PERFORMANCE ETHICS AND INTEGRITY Curriculum/Instruction/ Assessment Supervision Professional Development Organizational Management CULTURE Communication and Community Partnerships Learner-Centered High Expectations Collaborative Continuous Improvement DATA DATA DATA DATA DATA


PD- 3 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Best Practices in Professional Development Decrease An orientation toward the transmission of knowledge and skills by “experts” Increase The study of the teaching and learning process —Sparks & Hirsh —Adapted from A New Vision for Staff Development A focus on generic instructional skills A combination of generic and content-specific skills Staff developers who function primarily as trainers Staff development provided by one or two departments Isolated, individual development Fragmented, piecemeal improvement efforts District-focused professional development A focus on adult needs Training conducted away from the job Professional growth as a “frill” that can be cut during difficult financial times Those who provide consultation, planning, and facilitation services as well as training Staff development as a major responsibility performed by all administrators and teacher leaders Individual development and organizational development for Sales Training Staff development driven by a clear, coherent strategic plan School-focused approaches to professional development A focus on student needs and learning outcomes, and changes in on-the-job behaviors Multiple forms of job-embedded learning A commitment to professional development as a critical part of the school improvement process

Premises :

Premises Student achievement is improved by the continued Sales Training Courses of all stakeholders. Professional development is based on identified needs and goals. Effective professional development is learner-centered. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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