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Through this presentation you will learn about basic mechanism of GM- COUNTER.


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Principle of “GM COUNTER”:

Gas molecules get ionized when an energetic charged particle propagates through it. The electrons produced by ionization, if accelerated by a high potential can cause further ionization of gas molecule thereby generating large no of more electrons. Principle of “GM COUNTER”

Construction of “GM TUBE”:

Construction of “GM TUBE” Consist of hollow cylindrical tube of length b/w 15-50 cm made up of copper. Filled with inert gas generally Argon and with 10% of ethyl alcohol. “GM TUBE” is enclosed in partially evacuated glass tube. Tungsten wire of 0.5 mm diameter fixed along axis of tube. Tungsten wire connected to +ve terminal & metallic tube to –ve terminal of battery. Thin window(mica) provided on one side

Dead time of “GM COUNTER”:

Dead time of “GM COUNTER” The time interval for which the “GM COUNTER” is totally insensitive to the incoming particle is called “DEAD TIME” of “GM COUNTER”. Let N=no. of particle enters the tube per sec. n = no. of particle shown by counter per sec. T(dead time)=[(1/n)-(1/N)] =[(N-n)/nN]


Process of eliminating positive ion sheath around the central anode wire of “GM COUNTER” in order to prevent the double counting of a single particle is called “Quenching”. “Quenching”

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