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Supreme Products is one of the best and top solar water heater manufacturing enterprises in India. Based out of Bangalore and established in the year 2004, Supreme Products has grown from a modest customer base to a trusted brand in the home appliances market across the country. Our products are Supreme solar water heater (Evacuated Tube Collector and flat plate collector), Supreme solar home lighting system, Supreme SMF battery based LED solar lantern, Supreme solar rooftop solutions, Supreme electric geyser, Supreme cooktops and hobs, Supreme Kitchen chimneys, Supreme RO water purifier, Supreme mixers, Supreme grinders and more.


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Supreme Products is one of the best and top solar water heater manufacturing enterprises in India. Based out of Bangalore and established in the year 2004 Supreme Products has grown from a modest customer base to a trusted brand in the home appliances market across the country. Our products are Supreme solar water heater Evacuated Tube Collector and flat plate collector Supreme solar home lighting system Supreme SMF battery based LED solar lantern Supreme solar rooftop solutions Supreme electric geyser Supreme cooktops and hobs Supreme Kitchen chimneys Supreme RO water purifier Supreme mixers Supreme grinders and more. “Supreme Products ” is an ISO 9001: 2008 14001:2004 Certified company. We ventured into the consumer durables with a vision to be one of the leading brands to fit in every household. We work with a vision to make available nothing but the best range of Solar water Heater Systems Electric kitchen chimneys Hobs Cook tops Electricity Geysers water purifier Solar Lighting Systems Best quality of Teak / cane wood furniture and many other house hold products. “Supreme Solar Water Heater Systems” we are one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Water Heater Systems Established in 2004. Our Solar water Heater systems are approved by BIS Bureau of India Standard Ministry of New and Renewable Energy MNRE Govt. of India. “Supreme Products” is one-stop-shop for all our consumers as we put forward a range of products to select from. Our search for exceptional designs quality and service speaks for us in the competitive market. We manufacture Evacuated tube Flat Plate collector’s solar water heating systems. For ETC we use high quality stainless steel for the inner tank to use a non- welding technology suitable for hard water as well as soft water. Our Systems can be installed anywhere in the world. We use a unique assistant tank technology to enhance the life of the main tank and also does not require air vent due to the assistant tank designed particularly to withstand the high pressure. All our systems are fitted with assistant tank for gravity feeding and to minimize the mixing of hot and cold water. . All our ETC systems are suitable for both hard water as well as soft water. We do not mention the PPM or TDS conditions in guarantee card. Now we are glad to announce same systems with 10 years “Replacement Guarantee” on the Inner tank manufacturing defects to add some extra very affordable cost.

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FPC Flat plate collector based solar water Heater Systems approve by BIS we manufacturing both type pressurized and Non-Pressurized systems. We are using CRCA sheet with Prime guard coating for Inner tank. Collectors available with ISI mark in both copper and aluminium fins. All our storage tanks are PUF insulated and frames are powder coated. “Supreme Flame” Our kitchen Chimney swiftly clears the air after an aromatic meal. Potent aeration is now easy on all your senses. Our USP unique selling proposition is the latest auto clean element with oil collector that makes our products innovative and maintenance friendly. Our eventual aim is to make available excellent Kitchen Chimneys that are efficient stylish and cost-effective. Our kitchen chimney prices and hobs vary depending upon the model you go for as. Be it electric chimney or hobs our products fits well in every household and to everyone’s requirement. Our qualified and proficient designers are innovative that help us in manufacturing best kitchen chimney to make nothing but the best. Supreme flame in now all set to make available kitchen designer chimneys built- in hobs to make your modular kitchen oil and smoke free. Our chimneys are crafted to make available healthy germ-free cooking atmosphere. Supreme Cook tops are Combination of Style and Simplicity. Cook tops are available in designs just like built in hobs but no need to cut the granite to fix in the kitchen platform. Cook tops are available in glass tempered finish they have combination of burners to suit individual requirement .All Cook tops are built with high quality material and controls to ensure safety. Supreme Solar Lights presenting every reason to stay up late nights. Extra studying partying … which of course with brand name “ Supreme Solar Lights” Home lighting systems Lanterns Street Light and many more …An innovative thought to a domestic product . These lights work on the principle Solar photo-voltaic charging which converts the solar energy into electrical energy to charge the battery during the day. This stored energy can be used in the nights for lighting the lights. The solar lighting systems act as an advantageous product since it directly uses the solar energy to charge the battery and saves electricity bills in turn. Totally dust resistant it can even be used in remote rulers area in place of the electric lighting Functioning with nature all round the clock the solar lighting systems are absolutely free from hazardous gases emitted from the artificially utilized resources. The natural solar energy instead keeps a good check on your health either ways. The lights run for approximately 3-4 hours per day and though the actual duration depends on the location and other factors. ETC TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: SI.NO PARTICULARS SPECIFICATION 1 Vacuum Tube outer diameter 47 mm 2 Vacuum Tube inner diameter 37 mm 3 Tube length 1800 mm 4 Outer Tank Diameter 480 mm 5 Inner Tank Diameter 380 mm 6 Tank Volume 100 LPD 125 LPD 150 LPD 200 LPD 250 LPD 300 LPD 500 LPD 7 Temperature 65 degree C to 85 degree C 8 Tank Insulation PUF 50mm polyurethane foaming 9 Stand frame Galvanized Power coated 10 Inner tank material Stainless Steel 304 L grade 0.5 mm 11 Outer Tank Material Galvanized Power coated 12 Method of Welding Seam less and Non Welding Technology 13 Type of Fasteners Stainless steel/galvanized

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SI.NO PARTICULARS SPECIFICATION 14 Type of Grommets Silicon Rubbers 15 Type of Circulation Thermosyphon 16 Electrical Back Up 2 KW/ 3 KW 17 Type of inlet feeding Using gravity feeding tank of non-pressure.low mixing of hot and cold waterand long life of inner tank. No of tubes for various capacities is as under: CAPACITY 47 mm 58 mm 100 LPD 12 10 125 LPD 15 -- 150 LPD 18 15 200 LPD 24 20 250 LPD 28 24 300 LPD 35 30 500 LPD 55 50

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FPC TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FLAT PLATE COLLECTER: SI.NO PARTICULARS SPECIFICATION 1 Section 1.2mm thick Aluminium 2 Back Sheet 0.46 mm thick Aluminium 3 Insulation Fiber Glass Wool 4 Foil 0.05 mm thick Aluminium 5 Flat Plate Collector fins9 Nos Ultrasonic welded with Nalsum coating. Copper pipe 24 SWGAluminium strip 0.20 mm 6 Header pipe Copper 24 SWG 7 Glazing 1000 2000 4 mm clear toughend glass 8 Glass beeding E.P.D.M Rubber 9 Fasteners Stainless Steel 10 Grommets E.P.D.M Rubber 11 Flanges Brass 12 Finishing Powder Coating For More Details Visit:

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