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Presentation Description Atkins diet is a recognized low carbohydrate diet. More and more people are now choosing Atkins diet over other diets.


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Afvallen Tips: Health Benefits of Atkins Diet

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Have you ever thought of weight loss? If yes, then, this is one of the most effective weight loss tips ( afvallen tips in Dutch) you may get. Atkins diet is a recognized low carbohydrate diet. More and more people are now choosing Atkins diet over other diets. Atkins diet can alter a person’s metabolism and lose weight simply by taking foods rich in fat and protein and limiting foodstuff rich in carbohydrates. Intake of high level of carbohydrates can increase the production of insulin which in turn increases the starvation and weight gain.

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There are basically four stages of Atkins diet. Induction is the very first and most limiting, stage of Atkins diet. It is anticipated to cause the human body to rapidly go into a state of ketosis. Intake of carbohydrates is limited to twenty net grams a single day. Ongoing weight loss stage involves an increase in the intake of carbohydrates, but enduring at stages where weight loss takes place. It increases the intake of carbohydrates by five net grams with every passing week.

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Next is the pre-maintenance stage in which the intake of carbohydrates is again increased by ten net carbs per week. The last but not the least, is the lifetime maintenance. It is one of the most important stages as it is anticipated to continue the habits obtained in the earlier stages. Each stage is important and should be carried out carefully and according to plan.

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Atkins diet allow foods that are rich in protein but low in carbohydrates like salad vegetables, fish, eggs, meats, semi-soft cheese etc. Apart from these foods, a person can also take other natural supplements rich in proteins and amino acids like fundapeptide which is a best supplement in a high protein diet just because it is rapidly and effortlessly absorbed into the blood.

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There are numerous benefits of Atkins diet such as declining obesity in adolescents and children, advantages in treating epilepsy, inflammation, diabetes and hypertension, and heart diseases. Recent research has shown that Atkins diet offers amazing health benefits for heart diseases. Heart patients lose weight without increasing cholesterol level.

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Another major benefit of Atkins diet is that it is great treatment for declining hypertension. An amazing low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat diet combined with other supplements ( supplementen in Dutch) like fundapeptide , can be useful in regularizing blood sugar, encouraging weight loss and decreasing other cardiovascular risk aspects linked with this situation. These are few benefits of Atkins diet that help you in various ways.

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