Graphite Suspension SV-GS


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Water based Graphite Suspension SV-GS manufactured and supplied by Supervac Industries is a specialized protective coating and release agent having various industrial applications.


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Graphite Suspension: SV-GS:

Graphite Suspension: SV-GS Specialized Protective Coating & Release Agent


Features Water based suspension. Excellent release and lubricating properties. Gives an even, smooth dry film with excellent adhesion. Electrically conductive. Thermal resistant. Can withstand very high/low temperatures. Non-flammable.

Easy to Apply:

Easy to Apply Mix thoroughly before use. Use an ordinary paint brush for application. Can be applied by Dipping or Spraying also. Surface to be coated should be clean.

Easy to Remove:

Easy to Remove Just use a clean wet cloth.

Suitable for::

Suitable for: Aluminium Steel Copper Alloys Other Metals Plastics Rubber Glass

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SUPERVAC: The Brand Trusted By Engineers Worldwide. Our USP High Quality Immediate Delivery Right Prices

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