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Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies : 

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies PART 1 800-860-3230| | Presented by: SuperTech eXpert

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies: Part 1 : 

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies: Part 1 Definition: The idea of offering your customers more than one way to purchase your products or services; with the channels being the ways that you reach your customers. Examples of Channels Direct Mail Email Social Networks Brick-and-mortar stores Websites 800-860-3230| |

Benefits : 

Benefits 800-860-3230| | Customer Satisfaction - Offering your customers more choices is always a good decision. Stronger Customer Relationships - It’s not always easy to keep a good customer relationship; and doubly hard if you only have one form of medium to use in order to keep in touch with them. With these strategies you can build and maintain those relationships, and their loyalty to you. Reach More Customers - Buy using these marketing strategies you are giving your company a broader range of potential customers. Direct mail will be able to contact local customers, while email and other digital media can reach all over the world.

Here are a few questions your company needs to answer first : 

Here are a few questions your company needs to answer first 800-860-3230| | Which products or services you are planning to market? Do a little research to find out just which type of your products and/or services are selling and what types of channels the businesses use. What is your target market? Think about all of the demographics of different groups of people such as age, gender, and location; to name a few. Which forms of mediums do you wish to use? A few of the options for multi-channel marketing strategies are email, direct mail, websites, blogs, social media, etc.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies: Part 2 : 

800-860-3230| | Another thing to consider about planning multi-channel marketing strategies is to know what NOT to do when using multiple channels. Many companies make mistakes that could be avoided when first getting started. Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies: Part 2

Here are a few tips to keep you from making some of those mistakes: : 

Here are a few tips to keep you from making some of those mistakes: 800-860-3230| | Make sure you respect, and adhere to, the terms of use for each channel you are using. Not abiding by the rules will cause your ads, campaigns, videos, tweets, etc.; in fact your whole marketing channel campaign, to be discarded and you could possibly be banned from the channel. Don’t ignore the newer channels just because they aren’t the most popular. Who knows, they may become popular in the future and if you get your foot in the door before your competition then you are one step ahead of them. Just remember, channels like YouTube and Google didn’t become popular overnight. I can help you decide just which of the newest channels are most promising.

Here are a few tips to keep you from making some of those mistakes: : 

Here are a few tips to keep you from making some of those mistakes: 800-860-3230| | Don’t miss the bus when it comes to grabbing the attention of different cultures, ages, genders, and the current trends. Some products or services may require that you target a special type of customer, like women over 40; but if you don’t have this restriction make sure you reach as many types of people as you can. Also make sure that you are up to speed on the current trends of consumers; how they spend, what is influencing their buying decisions, and what they are focused on. DON’T FORGET YOUR CUSTOMER COMES FIRST Make sure that when you are making a multi-channel marketing strategy you always think about the customer. If you don’t consider what the customer would like to see, read, or hear then you probably won’t be very successful in choosing the right channels or the right subject matter.

Questions? : 

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