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Super Plast is a pioneer in the manufacturing and exporting the full suite of Oxo Bio Degradable and Virgin Plastic Bags. Our products target the high-end buyers of all categories. We concentrating more in to the manufacturing of Garbage Bags, 100% Virgin Oxo Bio Degradable Bags (HDPE & LDPE), Carry Bags, Banana Cut Bags etc. All of our plastic bags are custom made to meet the precise needs and usage of our customers. Here is how Super Plast can help you get the right size, right microns and right quality plastic bags at unimaginable prices.


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Plastic bags have made our lives easier in many ways. But unfortunately, they are often not disposed of properly. As it is a global concern, various alternatives for conventional plastics have been introduced into the market and has gained wide acceptance within a short span of time. SUPER PLAST is the largest plastic bag manufacturers in UAE, offering premium environmental friendly plastic bags across various industries. We are a trusted name in Plastic bag manufacturing industry owing to the quality of product, dedication and customer service we render to our customers. Our range of plastic bags includes the following; GARBAGE BAGS These are strong bags used to dispose waste in an efficient way. Available in different sizes and thickness, these bags are leak resistant and 100 % biodegradable.   LAUNDRY BAGS Laundry bags are widely used in homes and away from home sectors. They are manufactured using superior raw materials and most up-to-date technology to ensure longevity and quality.


  BIOHAZARD BAGS They are high quality bags used to dispose all biohazard wastes. They find great application in medical and healthcare industry. Generally, they are manufactured with a warning symbol or some precautions for disposal of such wastes. These are available in various sizes and colours and are designed as eco-friendly.   POLY BAGS Poly bags are well appreciated for their great tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and water barrier. They are very useful in such places, where goods are to be neatly displayed such as supermarkets, furniture shops etc. Poly bags can be manufactured as per the customer’s unique requirements.   BIODEGRADABLE BAGS Biodegradable bags are environmental friendly packing solutions that are high in quality. There are various kinds of Biodegradable bags including oxo biodegradable shopping bags, oxo-biodegradable garbage bags, oxo-biodegradable laundry bags etc. They are an innovative solution for the problems created by plastic wastes.

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