CELIBACY a curse or blessing


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CELIBACY A curse Or A Blessing? : 

CELIBACY A curse Or A Blessing? Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar www.scribd.com/SAMAJRATNA http://drshriniwasjkashalikar.blogspot.com

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The sexual desire and the desire to suppress it almost go hand in hand! Sometimes one prevails and at other times the other!   In fact; not only the sexual desire; but all other bodily, instinctual, emotional and intellectual desires; and the “desire to restrict or curb them”; seem to go hand in hand! This eternal conflict; gets reflected in the individuals, groups, nations and groups of nations and the millions of problems and maladies have their root in this conflict!   The key to individual and global fulfillment; lies in conquering and keep conquering; the conflict of celibate life and gratification of sexual desire; through NANASMARAN! It is the culmination of all human endeavors! One need not accept; but think over and verify this!

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