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One of the perennial complaints of ours; is that we hate rules, regulations and sometimes even laws. We do not like religious precepts, decrees and even traditions and conventions. We feel averse to all these; as social, cultural, religious and political “impositions”. We dislike them because; from our point of view; they bind us unpleasantly and coercively. We despise them; because; they restrict our freedom! Naturally binding of any sort being unpleasant; repels most of us and we all love “freedom” from them! Many of us who are poetic, creative, artistic and independent in their approach do not like any binding!   But, even as we consider these comments on bindings; we must find out the answer to the question: whether such bindings are really harmful; or there is some sense in them?

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But; this question is also complicated by the fact that; there is no unanimity on the issue of; “whether the rebels succeed or the obedient?”   It is therefore necessary to go deeper; to understand whether the rules and regulation are necessary and if so for what?   This becomes possible if we practice NAMASMARAN. We being to appreciate that; the international laws, national constitutions, religious commandments and decrees, government rules and regulations, social traditions and customs, current conventions and fashions; and various political doctrines seem to be basically aimed at channelizing the vital force of an individual to its origin viz. Truth, God or topmost and indescribable experience!

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Once this fact becomes clear we begin to appreciate how the whole human civilization has participated and contributed (knowingly or unknowingly) to the universal mega process of unification and harmonization viz. MAHA YOGA; i.e. individual and universal blossoming!   NAMASMARAN reveals to us; that what appear as “bindings” are actually “bundings” to channellize vitality into sublime experience and behavior; and must if and when modify them unhesitatingly (with this fact in mind); for enhancing their unifying, harmonizing and blossoming effect (at individual and universal levels); viz. COSMIC YOGA or “MAHA MAHA YOGA”!

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