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NAMASMARAN is a multidimensional and totipotent or pleuripotent activity. Thus on one hand it is a mere remembrance or recitation of God’s name or OMKAR by an individual, either loudly or silently; and on the other hand; when it reaches its zenith; it is one with cosmic consciousness Himself (within which everything is contingent).   The initial experience of NAMASMARAN can be totally different in accordance with our physiological disposition. Many times, especially if we are obstinate or stubborn with strong likes and dislikes, then we may feel that the NAMASMARAN is suffocating our freedom! Therefore we should start NAMASMARAN on a relatively small scale.   As a matter of global policy, we should introduce NAMASMARAN in early childhood and according to individual beliefs; when the possible resistance to NAMASMARAN can be overcome; either by themselves or with our help; relatively smoothly. This would help the children to get the peer approval, which is of great importance at that stage.

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There are likely to be many individuals who would oppose this, due to their ignorance and inexperience about NAMASMARAN. Their opposition to NAMASMARAN can also be; because it appears to be restricted to the lips, mouth and vocal apparatus and hence, which creates serious doubts about its scope and potentials to liberate one and all! Since they are unaware of the role of this apparently insignificant and ineffective activity in actually opening all the doors of the “prison of the body and mind” they fail to appreciate its emancipating role and don’t like to practice it or include it in the syllabus and curriculums. These opponents can be left to themselves after due efforts to explain and convince them the exact nature and benefits of NAMASMARAN for the children and the universe; now; and also in future.   We have to appreciate that during NAMASMARAN there is a gradual withdrawal or reversal of the decent (and ascent) of our consciousness involved in neurophysiological information processing. This probably embodies neuro-biochemical and neuro-electrophysiological changes evolving; the otherwise conflicting thoughts, emotions, instincts, desires, drives, cravings and behavior.

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Till such time that the process of NAMASMARAN does not take roots in our being, the decent of consciousness (which embodies an illusion of freedom and with which we habituated or addicted); keeps on resisting our practice of NAMASMARAN leading to conflict! This happens because; even though NAMASMARAN has this emancipating impact on all aspects of individual life and social life, we are not used to emancipation, which we actually find “unpleasant and restrictive and coercive”!   Gradually we identify that NAMASMARAN is actually the activity that helps us to hold our personality together and acts as a thought anchor!   The beauty of NAMASMARAN is that by virtue of reversing the decent of consciousness, it is never restricted to our own petty benefits. It is always benevolent to all; including those who may be thousands of miles away and known or unknown! It is said to be emancipating even to those subtler entities whose “life” does not fit in the usual laws of biology such as the departed souls! This is not surprising; if we realize that when at its zenith, NAMASMARAN is one with cosmic consciousness; and everything (including past and future generations) contingent in Him!

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When NAMASMARAN reaches its zenith; it is one with cosmic consciousness Himself (within which everything is contingent); as stated earlier, and the inexplicable effects of NAMASMARAN begin to manifest at the level of electrochemical activities in various parts of brain. These in turn are responsible for the experiences of the practitioner of NAMASMARAN; as well as the apparently miraculous effects; on body functions, behavior and other events in individual, family and social life.   One of the several concrete possibilities resulting from NAMASMARAN; which may be accessible to technology is; CONSOLIDATION OF TO AND FRO CONNECTIONS BETWEEN BRAINSTEM INCLUDING LIMBIC SYSTEM AND THE CEREBRAL CORTEX.   Since NAMASMARAN is a very subtle process it could possibly also lead to quantitative, spatial and temporal changes in the micro-neuro-physiological secretory and electrical events (as well as changes in their interrelationships) in key positions in the central nervous system and influence the whole biochemistry and physiology of STRESS!

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This could explain the aphorism that NAMASMARAN embodies all the aspects e.g. YAMA, NIYAMA, ASANA, PRANAYAMA, PRATYAHARA, DHARANA, DHYANA & SAMADHI, of YOGA. These are achieved in a subtler and continuous manner, in NAMASMARAN.   Roughly speaking it appears that; in YOGA the efforts are to push back the descending consciousness from receptors, plexuses, muscles, respiration, autonomic nervous system etc back to its original position and in NAMASMARAN it is like sucking (or as we have called earlier, withdrawing) the consciousness from where it has got displaced!

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Soon we will see scientists validate the aphorisms of Brahmachaitanya Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj from Gondavale (District Satara in Maharashtra State, in India) about NAMASMARAN and it would probably then get whole hearted acceptance from all the sections in the international society; irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race and ideological convictions; such as theism or atheism.   Till then, experiencing the nectar of NAMASMARAN is vital. But it is probably in tune with the scientific temper in this era; that we try to “understand” the process of NAMASMARAN; and share its scope with others in every nook and corner of the world; so as to benefit maximum people maximally (besides ourselves)!

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