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It is stressful when we do not get appreciation or even permission to work for the social welfare. It is stressful when we are neglected, suppressed and suffocated by preventing us from voicing holistic perspectives and approaches in various fields. Throttling of activities Total Stress Management; embodying holistic solutions; leads to stress!   It is true that our own indolence, apathy, inertia, pettiness, mediocrity and passivity are responsible for stress due to tardiness in Total Stress Management! It is also true that our indecision, timidity, diffidence, lack of conviction, and hence escapism are responsible for our defeat in Total Stress Management and resultant stress!

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It is due to our defects that we fail to appreciate that certain concepts such as democracy are used to black mail us and perpetuate injustice. We fail to appreciate that democracy per se, if left to itself can only lead to unabated meanness, pettiness and chaos; which are bound jeopardize any activity incorporated in proactive measures in Total Stress Management i.e. individual and global blossoming ( e.g. evolving universally benevolent policies and plans in terms of holistic medicine, holistic education, holistic laws etc)! Even as dictatorship per se, is not a solution to individual and social stress; the lack of Total Stress Management in democracy; leads to unleashing of barbaric forces; which thrive on unaccountability, irresponsibility, populist policies, and extremely petty selfishness leading to demotion of merit and promotion of mediocrity and corruption.

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In every government office there are anti people and coercive laws and rules denying the services, thereby flourishing the corruption and thus harassing and repelling the people.   Democracy today; is license to voice and assert resentment, non acceptance, disgruntlement, disagreement, non cooperation, opposition and sabotaging of Total stress Management. Obviously this is bound to cause stress!

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Can we conquer such stress?   Yes. We can.   Whether we; the rulers i.e. policy makers, planners and administrators or public; are educated or illiterate, urban or rural, religious or atheist, our thoughts get universally benevolent dimension and character; through NAMASMARAN; besides study, analysis, experimentation, craft, art and their different permutations and combinations (Total Stress Management)!   This is bound to happen in unbelievably unprecedented and extremely rapid manner; even amidst the apparently dismal picture; because of the unifying and evolving and emancipating power of NAMASMARAN.

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