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In this presentation, there are five amazing and interesting facts about the aircraft which increase your knowledge.


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Presented by: Lindsay Green 5 Interesting Aviation Facts

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Introduction Qantas invented business class Fear of flying is common Flying makes your taste buds numb Reclining seats – the culprit of in-flight arguments A man ate a plane Contact us Table of Content


Introduction Whether you want to call aviation a hobby, a career or an obsession, you’ll quickly notice that the world is full of airline and aviation enthusiasts! If you’re here reading this, congratulations you’re part of the community.  You may already know a lot when it comes to aircraft and taking to the skies, but just like the rest of us, you always want to know more! Well, we’ve compiled a list of 5 interesting aviation facts. Who knows, after reading this blog, you may even be able to add some new facts about aviation to your already vast knowledge pool.

Qantas invented business class:

Qantas invented business class That’s right! Qantas Airways, the flag carrier airline of Australia, were the first to invent business class back in 1979!

Fear of flying is common:

Fear of flying is common If you have a significant other, mother or brother, who all claim they have a fear of flying, they’re not just being dramatic! Whilst the severity ranges from just getting nervous when flying to a full-blown phobia, it’s not that uncommon.  A survey conducted by YouGov in the U.S. and England in 2014, found that a fear of flying came in ranking as the 6th most common fear, whilst a fear of heights ranked 2nd!

Flying makes your taste buds numb:

Flying makes your taste buds numb That’s right, flying makes your taste buds numb! It really has more to do with altitude and the cool, dry cabin air, than flying itself. A test conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute, a research organization in Germany, found that the combination of altitude and cabin air makes your taste buds go numb, kind of like when you have a cold.

Reclining seats – the culprit of in-flight arguments:

Reclining seats – the culprit of in-flight arguments Is there anything more irritating than someone sitting behind you, punching their touch-screen tv ? Yes! In fact, it’s reclining seats! A survey conducted by CabinCrew.com, found that more than 60% of international crew witnessed an argument between passengers over reclining seats. While some people think the complainants should just “grow up” and get over it, it’s pretty understandable why you’d prefer not have a stranger recline so far back, that their heads in your lap…right? It’s just “plane” rude.

Reclining seats – the culprit of in-flight arguments:

Reclining seats – the culprit of in-flight arguments

A man ate a plane:

A man ate a plane This isn’t a weird typo, you definitely read that right! A man actually ATE. A. PLANE! Michel Lotito first ventured into eating things most individuals don’t, such as light bulbs, coriander and razor blades, at around 16 years of age.  That was clearly not extreme enough because he stepped it up a notch by eating a Cessna 150!  He didn’t just swallow it whole, he used utensils like all classy people do – a sledgehammer and acetylene torch. It took him two years but he chewed through it like a champion. In 2007, Michel Lotito died at the age of 57, due to natural causes.

A man ate a plane:

A man ate a plane

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