Let These Tips Help You Fly To A New Airport


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If you are still in a doubt and want some help, then these tips can help you prepare for a trip to a new airport. Take a look:


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LET THESE TIPS HELP YOU FLY TO A NEW AIRPORT Flight training is always fun but the real excitement dives in at the time when you plan and learn to fly to an airport outside your local training area. This is the time when you will realize why you opt flying as your career. During this time you’ll learn new skills and will get the experience of your lifetime. You will not just see new places but will also discover new things about flying in real- time. You will gain knowledge about aircraft planning process which will cover pre-flight weather route planning dead reckoning and researching the details about the airport you are arriving at. After all flying is not just about taking off and landing the pilot has to be fully aware of the conditions and different techniques that are involved in it. Though sounds simple but the terms landing and arrival come with a lot of caution. Admit it or not but this is one of the most challenging events during the training phase. And when it is about flying to a new airport things become a lot more confusing and difficult for the pilot. She/he will have to handle many new things on the way like new traffic patterns runway layouts taxiways terrain aircraft parking spot and so on. Well these things won’t haunt you all the time. With the passage of time you will start feeling comfortable with the process and things won’t seem as if they are happening too fast. However there are many ways to prepare yourself for the arrival and become acquainted with the new airport environment. You can make use of some of the free tools that are available both online

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and in mobile apps which will help you get a virtual tour of the lay of the land. If you are still in a doubt and want some help then these tips can help you prepare for a trip to a new airport. Take a look:  THE CONVENTIONAL FAA RESOURCES ARE OF GREAT HELP REVIEW THEM: You will already own a VFR sectional and Airport/Facility Directory A/FD which can help you look into the airport details. Identify the airspace and airport location by looking at this sectional and let A/FD help you in getting the specifics about the airport.  USE SATELLITE IMAGERY AND GOOGLE EARTH FOR BETTER CLARITY: Once you get all the aviation specific details it’s time you look at a satellite view of the airport using Google maps in a web browser or iPad app. This will provide you a real-world perspective on the proximity of the airport to nearby landmarks that will be useful in identifying the airport during the arrival.  LEARNING FROM FLIGHT SIMULATOR IS ANOTHER GREAT WAY: For both hands-on experience and a visual preview of what it’s like to fly into that airport from the comfort of your house flight simulator can teach you the best. So next time don’t forget to get these features along while entering into a new airport. They can be of great help and aid to you. RESOURCE: http://www.askbob.aero/blog/2812

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