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Superior Hardwoods and Millworksupplies recycled, reclaimed wood, seasoned old growth lumber, reclaimed flooring, antique barn beams, vintage barn siding and more.Visit them to know more.


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Elegant and Stylish Flooring with Distressed Reclaimed Lumber:

Elegant and Stylish Flooring with Distressed Reclaimed Lumber If you are looking for a decorative appeal that is rustic and natural - reclaimed flooring can prove to be an extremely good choice. This style of flooring is pretty popular nowadays and if you find that authentic reclaimed lumber is not a good choice according to your taste – a superb variety of distressed style manufactured wool planks, resembling real distressed wood flooring is also available in the market. What makes wide plank wood flooring with reclaimed distressed wood create its own distinguished decorative effect is the fact that none of the wooden planks used in flooring look the same. Every piece has different faded spots and weathered areas and their texture, pattern, knots and grains are also different. You can also opt for staining and polishing your reclaimed wood flooring to make it look like brand new or can continue with its aged and rugged look as per your personal choice. When it comes to green and environment friendly hardwood flooring option, reclaimed distressed lumber is always a wonderful choice. Most reclaimed lumber that is presently available online with reputed lumber companies like Superior Hardwoods were previously used in old factories and buildings and piers and naturally they are not only visually appealing but also extremely durable too. As more and more distressed and reclaimed hardwood flooring companies are being available on the net, purchasing reclaimed lumber has become easier and also less expensive sometimes in comparison with the rapidly increasing cost of new hardwood flooring. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind material for flooring then distressed wood planks with their antique charm can truly add to the beauty and elegance of your vintage style interior. In modern day interior decoration schemes, these woods are also being widely used for flooring in contemporary design schemes for creating an effect of elegant and sharp contrast. No doubt that people with elegant style sense are now going great lengths for finding reclaimed flooring material for it can very well be the secret of their unique style statement. Some of major reasons that make distressed and reclaimed lumber an excellent choice for wide plank wood flooring are:

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• They are environment friendly. The more reclaimed wood is used the more trees will be saved. • A number of old growth woods are no longer available in the market or are extremely expensive. In that case opting for reclaimed lumber is a superb choice as you will not only be able buy woods those are not available and can also buy it against much lower prices. • The age and character of distressed wood are two characters those can never be mimicked in manufactured distressed looking wood. Long exposure to environmental elements makes these wood planks extremely strong and durable and with ageing the actual color of the woods also comes out making them look charming and beautiful as no other flooring material. A number of reputed companies like Superior Hardwoods now supply reclaimed and distressed wood online and for more information and details you can always visit their website at or call their 24x7 customer care helpline for any required assistance.

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SUPERIOR HARDWOODS AND MILLWORK, INC. 5120 U.S. 93 Missoula . MT, 59804, USA Phone No: 406-251-2272 Fax: 406-251-2520 Email: Website:

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