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We can also custom made length for your preference and adjust design to easy fit. We can custom make the size, drop length, over 40+ linen fabric to choose from.


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Bed skirts are a cloth that is wrapped between the box spring & mattress of a bed to hide the legs & box spring. They enhance the appearance of the bed & make the room look significantly spacious, especially if there’re items under the bed those needs to be concealed. You can generally find these are included with a bedding set, however most of the time they’re sold separately

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When it’s about choosing the perfect bed skirt, size is the first thing to take into account. If it is too big it’ll never fit perfectly, and of course if it is too small it won’t fit at all. Either eventually will spoil the look of your bed skirt & diminish the overall look of the room. So guessing it out as a means to choose the appropriate skirt; don’t guess that your queen size is bed is 60" wide & 80" long. Box springs, mattresses and foundations can differ considerably in size

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When talking about the drop of linen bed skirt, we are referring to the measurement from the top of the foundation to the floor. A typical measurement for readymade bed skirt is 15", but they do differ. If your drop measurement is 16", the standard bed skirt won’t go all the way to the floor. However, if your “drop” measurement is 14" the bed skirt will drag on the floor.

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