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Career development :

Career development Presented by: Sarala kumal Roll no: 25 BPH 5 th semester LA Grandee int’l college 1


Introduction Career is a sequence of job and work related activities over a person’s life time. Career may be individual centered or organizational centered. Career development is an on-going process by which individual’s progress through series of changes until they achieve their personnel level of maximum achievement. 2

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Career development program provides opportunities to employees to acquires more knowledge, skills obtained desired jobs, share increased responsibility, enjoy scope of job mobility and derive increased job satisfaction. It makes employees more adaptable to changing requirement of the organization. Requirement of organization may either change due to new technology or new management philosophy and style. Changing environment is now making jobs more complex. 3

Purpose of career development:

Purpose of career development To attract and retain qualified employees in an organization. To utilized human resources optimally. To improve morale and motivation level of employees. To reduce employee turnover. To make employee adaptable to changes . To increase employees loyalty and commitment to the organization. 4


IMPORTANCE OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT Reduces employee turnover and increases the strength of workforce Improves employee’s morale and motivation Increased productivity of the organization Ensures the better utilization of employees skills and provides increased work satisfaction. Makes employee adoptable to changing requirement of the organization. High level of succession Increased ability of employees 5

Stages or cycle of career development:

Stages or cycle of career development Exploratory stage Establishment stage Maintenance stage Decline stage 6

Component of Career Development:

Component of Career Development On-going process by which individuals progress through series of changes until they achieve their personal level of maximum achievement. Career planning Career management 7

Career Development Practices in Nepalese Organization:

Career Development Practices in Nepalese Organization Career Development Practices have remained a neglected aspect of HRD in Nepalese organizations. The governmental organizations have some sort of activities for the career development for its permanent employees but these types of activities are very much limited. In public sector organization ,there is also provision of promotion on the basis of duration of service & further education. 8

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Some public organizations send their permanent employees to abroad for further development programs like management development, special courses & PG degree by providing scholarship or by providing paid/unpaid leave on the basis of certain criteria. In some organization , the career path is defined but both the employees & organization are little conscious about their career planning & goal, & the career development is unclear & doubtful. 9

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The Personnel Administration section of the Department of Health Services takes the responsibility of organizing routine & programme internal administrative & personal management. Transfer & Posting:- MoHP have preparing own transfer policy under transfer policy DoHS will be transfer of assistant level up to & 7th level staff. 10

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Leave: To approve different types of leaves of non- gazetted /non-officer level and recommend to MoHP for special leave of all employees under DoHS according to the concerned laws and acts Update employee personnel records in DoHS & HuRDIS unit 11

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Staff duties & budget allocation by DoHS \MD Recruit, posting and promote non- gazetted staff in all GoN health institutions like wise: Regional Health Directorates, District Health Offices, Primary Health Care Centres /HCs, Health Post, Sub Health Posts, and divisions/ centres of the central-level institutions; 12

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Career path for university teacher lecturer Reader professor Dean Rector VC 13

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Career path for a civil servant: Section officer Under Secretory Joint Secretory Director general Secretory Chief Secretory 14

Career development trend and issues of Nepalese organization:

Career development trend and issues of Nepalese organization Nepalese organizations are little concerned about facilitation career planning of employees. Formal career information , education& counseling to employees is poor. Transfer & promotions are non-transparent & ad-hoc. Career development opportunities are few for employees. Growth & exposure opportunities through training, observation & development are few. Lack of adequate budget.etc. 15

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