7 Lifestyle Choices to Avoid Heart Disease

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7 Lifestyle Choices to Avoid Heart Disease Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. The most common form of heart disease is coronary artery disease’ also called CAD which can lead to a heart attack. And close to half of them occur suddenly without any prior warning signs. A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of your heart is blocked. This is often because of plaque which is built up inside the arteries. Over time these may rapture causing a blood clot thus blocking the blood flow. If this blockage is not cleared quickly a part of the heart muscle may be permanently damaged. This may in future lead to cardiac arrest and can be fatal especially if the previously damaged heart muscle is large. 7 lifestyle choices that can prevent heart disease Healthy diet: Healthy diet is ambiguous when it comes to heart health. Refined carbs sugars and processed foods includes most restaurant food are the real enemy not the saturated fats found in foods such as butter lard and eggs. Eat large amounts of vegetables and fruit and low to moderate amounts of high quality protein. Take a high quality krill oil supplement to balance the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in your body. Physical exercise: Exercise regularly at least one hour per week and walk/bicycle 40 minutes daily. Physical activity combined with healthy diet is more potent than any cholesterol reducing drugs. Avoid excessive sitting of three hours or more and take at least 10000 steps a day apart from your exercise regimen. Healthy waist: A waist circumference less than 37.4 inches or 95 centimeters is healthy. Fat tends to accumulate around the waist and on the belly. And this waist fat and belly fat is a strong indicator of how prone one is to develop heart disease. Healthy weight: Obesity is a chronic problem both in adults and in children. Obesity places you at high risk for cholesterol high blood pressure and insulin resistance a precursor to type-2 diabetes. And all these factors heighten your risk of heart disease. Your body mass index BMI tells you if your weight is healthy.

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Moderate alcohol consumption: Limit your alcohol consumption to between 10 to 30 gm a day. Excessive drinking will raise the blood alcohol levels putting unnecessary load on the body to manage it and flush it out. No smoking: Smoking is one of the prime reasons for the hardening of arteries. It also constricts the breathing passages and coats the lungs with tar thus lower the oxygen in the blood during the gas exchange in the lungs. Reduce stress: Manage stress daily. One of the biggest contributors of chronic diseases of modern times is stress. People under stress may overeat or eat the wrong stuff may smoke and may drink alcohol more than they would. Research shows that stress even in young adults can lead to middle age blood pressure risk. And blood pressure is a silent killer and a big cause of heart disease.

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