Parent Autism Training Northern Ireland


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Sunnyside Children’s Clinic are Specialists and Educators in the Autism Community. We provide Autism Training Northern Ireland and Interventions for Children with Autism.


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Parent Autism Training Northern Ireland  

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About Us We are a dynamic and dedicated team of Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA’s), autism specialists, and psychologists; all of whom have gained qualifications and training in autism and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). We are also trained in a range of autism-specific and educational approaches and assessments, including the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), TEACCH, Social Stories, VB MAPP (assessment), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Pivotal Response Treatment. Our team of professionals can provide you with collaborative, consistent and comprehensive support to ensure that all of your child’s autism, educational and family training needs are met.

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Katherine Yates BSc ( Hons ), MSc , BCBA Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Founding Director Dr. Damian Rooney, BSc ( Hons ), MSc , DECAP (HCPC Registration Number: PYL33391) Educational Psychologist and ASD Specialist Sarah O’Prey BSc ( Hons ), MSc , BCBA Board Certified Behaviour Analyst & Trainings and Development Manager Meet our team …

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Laura Frazer BSc . ( Hons ), MSc . BCBA Board Certified Behaviour Analyst Felicity Weale BA ( Hons ), MSc , BCBA. Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Family Trainer Our Autism Intervention Team in Belfast is made up of professionals who can provide you with comprehensive behaviour support Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Early Intensive Intervention Our  Early Intensive Intervention  is designed for our youngest learners just starting out on the path to learning. Early intensive intervention involves the delivery of an individualised , comprehensive and integrated programme in which skills compliment and build upon each other.  Quality intervention programmes progress systematically through stages of learning, with an emphasis on an individualised curriculum for each child. Decades of empirical research suggest that early intervention that is based upon evidenced-based practice is most effective. Using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis we design intervention programmes that are grounded in this research and that avail of the many tried and tested autism-specific strategies.

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School Years Intervention School Years Intervention  builds on existing skills for those learners who have transitioned into their school years. We know that children learn during every moment of every day. For children with autism, those learning opportunities are exceptionally valuable. After school, children have hours of time when learning can continue in the home and community. This can be done by supporting and tailoring learning opportunities. As a result this will teach the individual skills that your child is not learning spontaneously .

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Autism Training Services Our Autism  All of our trainings are designed to give you both the skills and resources you will need to make a difference in your home or workplace. All the content of our trainings is evidence-based and delivered by trainers with a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of autism and evidence-based practice .

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