Different Tarot Card Combinations & Intuitive Meanings


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Each of the 78 cards in a tarot deck describes unique energy states. As the energies interact, they give rise to reality. To understand the different tarot card combinations mastering the tarot deck is mastering this energy flow or tarot dynamics.


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Different Tarot Card Combinations Intuitive Meanings

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Introduction There are 78 Tarot cards which gives rise to 3003 unique combinations. Every Tarot card represents the union of 2 of the 11 forces 4 elements and 7 planets a unique discreet set of energies can be defined for every 2-card combination possible. The analysis of the constituent parts of the interaction gives rise to the meaning and analysis of its definition. Here are some tarot card combinations which will help you understand the core or nucleus of meaning of the cards that is the underlying root cause of the Tarot card itself. Enjoy your quest for Truth

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3 of Wands + Page of Wands - SATURN EARTH FIRE FIRE Explanation A young lady who is Aries Leo or Sagittarius. She is active and wealthy. You will meet her on a Saturday in the months of March and December. Her first name starts with C L or U. She may be foreign. She loves to travel to distant places. She has a good sense of timing. Time is on her side. She will live a long full active life. She knows that if she wants something done she should do it herself. She is ambitious. Patience is needed. The speed of light. A big project. A big picture view of your life. A long term goal. She is adventurous and loves to be exposed to new and curious cultures. She is an explorer and not afraid to try new things. She is enthusiastic and ready to take on a large challenge or project. Something made of lead.

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4 of Swords + The Moon - JUPITER JUPITER AIR WATER Explanation Thursdays in the months of April and September. The time period of Pisces is indicated. Activity at night especially around the time of the full moon. The letters I R D M V are indicated. Constructive thoughts and emotions. Trust your instincts. A good night’s rest. Meditation and hypnosis. The unconscious mind. Secrets. Cycles of thought. Someone who is not materialistic or ambitious. Thoughts are in harmony with emotions. Obsessive thought. A vivid dream. An active imagination. Creative visualization. A dream or premonition that comes true. A photographic memory. Astral travel. Guided hypnosis or meditation. A time for deep prayer.

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4 of Pentacles + 10 of Cups - JUPITER EARTH EARTH WATER Explanation Thursdays in the months of April January and October. The letters D M V A J S are indicated. A time of abundance and happiness. Security and peace. Someone who is showing appreciation for the blessings that he has received. Giving thanks. Show generosity. Happiness in the home. Financial security. Buying or selling a house. Relaxation. Dreams that come true. Someone who is not particularly intelligent or ambitious. Do not isolate yourself from others. Share your love and blessings with others. Do not be greedy or insecure. Express joy and gratitude. Things made of tin. A bank vault. A sense of joy and bliss in the home. A stable marriage. Do not block your own happiness. Do not get emotionally attached to physical things. Do not limit your expressions of love and joy. Constructive emotions. A happy ending. Enjoy the blessings that you receive by sharing them with others. Do not be stingy.

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Queen of Wands + The Magician - MERCURY MERCURY FIRE WATER Explanation An older woman who is Aries Leo or Sagittarius. You will meet her on a Wednesday or in the months of January or October. Her first name starts with A J or S. She is intuitive and kind but do not cross her or she will shoot a fireball at you. She is assertive and knows how to fight to get what she wants. She is connected to the healing profession. She is a doctor or nurse or connected to a hospital or clinic. She is a scientist. She is good with numbers and computers. She can speak many foreign languages. She is good at solving puzzles and codes. She loves to play games and is very strategic in her thinking. She has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. She is skilful and talented. She is a great communicator. This combination is science chemistry geology and physics. It is converting objects into symbols and numbers. She is a witch. She knows how to use psychic magic and cast spells. Her actions are motivated by love. She is good at writing love letters. She may be an author. She is a good storyteller.

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7 of Wands + The Star - SATURN VENUS AIR FIRE Explanation Fridays and Saturdays in the months of July and August. The time period of Aquarius is also indicated. The letters G P Y H Q Z are indicated. Jealousy will be conquered. Many people will be jealous of you. A good sense of style and fashion. Classical music and art. Someone with a good sense of timing. Good judgment. Someone who fights for what they believe in. Music and art. Traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. Using fire and light to see the future. Light moving through the prism creates color. The beauty of fire. Proper behavior. A serious friendship. Flirting. The rules of dating. A disciplined artist or dancer. Someone who needs constant encouragement. Someone who is not materialistic or passive.

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